Trouble is Brewing: JP Morgan Predicts Devastation Continuing for Bud Light!

It’s a nightmare from hell for Bud Light! They just got even worse news as of today as the boycott to end all boycotts continues!

– Bud Light’s sales plummet by 24% following the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney campaign so far.

– JP Morgan analysts predict a staggering 26% loss in earnings for Anheuser Busch.

– Woke activism alienates a significant portion of customers, splitting the left and UNITING the right!

Bud Light just got some more devastating news, this time from JP Morgan analysts. If Anheuser-Bush executives thought that this boycott against their disastrous Dylan Mulvaney campaign would be nothing more than a glitch in their earnings, they’re in for a rude awakening. According to analysts at JPMorgan, Bud Light’s sales have declined by around 24%, which translates into a projected overall loss in earnings of an astonishing 26%.

A quarter of Anheuser Busch’s empire has been wiped out. This boycott has been nothing less than a blood bath for Bud Light! This is all happening at the very same time that competitors like Coors Light and Miller Lite have seen sales increases. This is a clear boycott-buycott calculus that’s crushing Anheuser Busch, who still has not apologized for that disastrous Dylan Mulvaney campaign. The Dylan Mulvaney fiasco has cost Bud Light upwards of $15.7 billion. Anheuser Busch has yet to formally fire the disastrous marketing VP, Alissa Heinerscheid who is still on just a leave of absence.

Kevin O’Leary argues that if a company is going to take a stand on any politically polarizing issue, they’re going to alienate 50% of its customers. This is not simply a matter of taking a position on any polarizing issue. That’s what Bud Light or Netflix or Disney or Target did; they didn’t just take a position on a polarizing issue, they went woke. That’s even more significant and carries with it an even more devastating reaction than just alienating 50% of your customers.

University of London scholar Eric Kaufmann draws from several surveys that all show the same thing: woke issues split the left and unite the right. Going woke isn’t simply a matter of alienating half of your customers. Going woke is more akin to alienating upwards of ¾ of your customers. Kaufmann found that when you ask Democrats if they support some woke agenda like CRT being taught in our schools or transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, the answers generally split down the middle.

About 50% say yes and the other 50% say no. Liberals like Bill Maher and Piers Morgan want nothing to do with that woke nonsense. When Republicans are asked the same questions about whether or not they support woke issues or agendas, the majority of Republicans say no. So what wokeness is doing is splitting the left and uniting the right. The right is far more likely to boycott against wokeness than the left is to buycott for it.

This is the reason for the success of this boycott. Those who want to boycott a woke product are far stronger than those who would want to support it through a buycott, intentionally buying the product as a sign of support for its values. It’s not just a matter of alienating customers, it demonstrates the fact that embracing woke activism has the potential to unleash a boycott that would be significantly more substantial than any possible buycott. That’s the REAL lesson from this Bud Light disaster, and it’s a lesson that they will continue to learn the hard way.

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