Trans Movement AT WAR with Christians!!!

So is the trans movement at war with Christians? Well, according to Tucker Carlson, absolutely, and he isn’t mincing words; we’re going to take a look at exactly what Tucker had to say and we’re going to see what’s REALLY happening in our culture and in our nation.

-Tucker Carlson WENT OFF on his showlast night

-He made the irrefutable point that the trans movement is fundamentally at war with Christianity

-The nation is, fundamentally, coming apart

Tucker Carlson was on fire last night, and he gave what many believe to be perhaps his most important monologue ever on what he called the increasing militancy of parts of the transgender movement. Several days back, Tucker pointed to a disturbing piece from the far-leftists at NPR, who are normally devout advocates of gun control; but not when it comes to trans people. They highlighted, approvingly, how more and more trans people were arming themselves to defend against what they perceived were ominous threats from the far right!

We now know that such an assessment has turned out rather prophetic, but of course the far left couldn’t see that! Ironically, right after his broadcast, the far leftists over at the Daily Beast excoriated Tucker for calling out the calls to arm trans people as a dangerous incitement! They literally mocked him for it! Well, here we are, and in Tucker’s monologue last night, he didn’t mince words!

Tucker’s observations on the Christian’s absolute reliance on the grace and mercy of God was corroborated by the statement issued by the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, whose 9 year old daughter was of the 6 victims, speaking of his daughter he said: ‘Through tears we trust that she is in the arms of Jesus who will raise her to life once again.’ Those are incredibly powerful words as we approach the glories of Easter and Christ’s resurrection from the dead! But I think Tucker’s also right that the trans movement represents something very different from this, what he called the mirror image of Christianity. The trans movement rejects the Christian notion that we are all obligated to conform our lives into a harmonious relationship with the divine meaning and purpose inherent in the cosmic order, that we’ve all fallen short of that obligation, and that Christ heals that rupture! No, the trans movement is rooted in a radical vision of liberalism, where we are all reinterpreted as sovereign autonomous individuals who are under no moral obligations apart from that which we chose to impose on ourselves!

But what we have to understand is that, all secular movements, including the trans movement, nevertheless retain the notion of sanctity, the notion that their worldview, their movement, their vision of self and reality is absolute and non-negotiable, and as such, all perceived threats to that sacred reality are considered profane as literally sacrilegious and therefore worthy of being suppressed. And this I believe is what is at the heart of what’s happening in our nation today. When all is said and done, the historic Christian culture that we shared and that held our nation together since its founding has waned, that’s hardly controversial! The problem is that the increasingly secular multiculturalism that’s since replaced Christianity has virtually no basis for a common culture! Again, this is widely recognized! Liberal multicultural societies provoke unsustainable levels of lowering social trust. Studies are showing that societies that are basically unicultural, that is, united by a single dominant culture, tend to foster high degrees of social trust, while societies that are basically multicultural, tend to exemplify rather low levels of social trust!

A very interesting study came out of Sweden that surveyed interpersonal trust among the Swedish population between the years 2014 and 2017, before and after the refugee crisis of 2015, when Sweden received per capita the most amount of refugees. The study found that the confidence and faith that Swedes had in their neighbors, as it were, which is a key gauge of social trust, decreased significantly in 20 of 33 municipalities, that’s 60 percent of their municipalities, and the study found a very clear converse relationship, in that the more the refugees in a particular municipality, the lower the trust! So how does this relate to Tucker’s observations?

As social trust has eroded in our nation due to our increased secularization, we’ve been increasingly characterized by what scholars call resentment politics, it’s also called the politics of blame. Because we no longer trust each other, we’re beginning to resent each other and again, this shouldn’t surprise us. Culture, after all, is centered on ‘cult’ and the cult of a culture is its sacred, it literally means ‘that which is worshiped and honored and revered.’And so, it’s no surprise that in a secularized multicultural society competing sacred systems are going to see the other as profane! And then, the most important question of all comes to the fore: how do you treat the other who you consider profane? Christianity has an answer to that: one of the fundamental tenets of Christianity is that we are all profane, we are all sinners, we have all fallen short of the grace of God and it is precisely that grace given to us freely in Christ, in his transformative death and resurrection that restores and renews us back into the loving embrace of God!

But how does the trans movement deal with the profane? Well the manifesto written by this killer would certainly shed some light on that, which is precisely what Tucker is so concerned about:

In other words, bringing up the inconvenient truth that the trans movement is at war with Christians is itself considered profane. It’s a point of view, an assessment that’s not allowed! Our nation is coming unglued; there’s no way around that; the secularization that has replaced our common Christian culture doesn’t have the basic frames of reference to hold our society together, and as such, we’re unravelling! The good news is that there’s a demographic revolution going on both here and around the world where the religious communities are growing all as secular populations are demographically shrinking! The world is moving in a far more religious conservative direction; I just hope that when that revolution takes full effect to save our nation from this cultural degeneration, we’ll still have a nation to save!