Township Creates Their Own Patriot Militia to Protect 2A!

In the state of Michigan, patriots are rising against the draconian gun grabbing efforts of their far-left governor, and the best part is that it’s something that every single county in the nation can do to protect our second amendment rights.

– Residents assert their constitutional right to bear arms, highlighting concerns about red flag laws undermining due process.

– The Supreme Court, as seen in the Bruen decision, has been striking down such laws, emphasizing that constitutional rights are not subordinate to fear-based weaponization.

– Local patriot militias, experiencing significant growth, align with the second amendment sanctuary movement, with over 500 militia groups in the US today.

Holton Township is a quaint community located just off the coast of Lake Michigan. It is quickly placing itself at the center of the growing clash between red counties inside blue states. Holton Township trustees have just voted to designate the township a second amendment sanctuary and to create an official government-recognized citizen militia.

Here is Holton Township supervisor Allen Jayger explaining precisely why they formed their militia:

Holton Township residents are all standing up and saying that they like guns and have the constitutional right to like guns. By establishing a local government-recognized militia, the members of that militia, which is anyone in the township who wants to join, automatically get the right of due process to protect them from state government overreach, which is the whole point of these red flag laws in the first place. The biggest problem with red flag laws is they do away with the right of due process where the government confiscates your guns without you being able to defend yourself in a court of law.

The irony here is that the Supreme Court has been routinely striking these laws down. We saw that in the latest Bruen decision where the Supreme Court set the clear standard that a person’s constitutional rights are not subordinate to the weaponization of fear and harm and safety. This has been a real issue recently just like we saw recently in New York, which tried to inordinately restrict gun ownership that led to the Bruen decision. We also saw this recently in New Mexico when Michelle Grisham tried to ban guns under the guise of a public health risk.

When it comes to these woke leftists, if we give them an inch (in this case, with public health), they will take a mile (now give me your guns)! The good news was that this New Mexico governor got so much push back from both Democrats and Republicans that she ended up having to revoke her ridiculous executive order. It was also struck down by a judge, so what Holton Township in Michigan is doing is putting teeth to their second amendment sanctuary; they are creating a local government-approved militia to provide a legal shield for all the members of that militia from the gun-grabbing shenanigans coming from their lunatic governor.

Second amendment sanctuaries are counties that promise safe havens for gun owners with law-enforcement officials promising to protect rather than violate their second amendment rights. Second amendment sanctuaries have absolutely exploded across the nation, such that today, the vast majority of all counties in the country have officially designated themselves second amendment sanctuaries. Nearly 2,000 of the just over 3,000 counties have designated themselves officially pro-gun counties.

In addition, countless sheriffs across the nation have pledged to uphold the second amendment, including every sheriff in the state of Utah. Local patriot militias are growing almost as quickly. Membership has been surging for the last decade. Today, there are over 500 militia groups in the US, more than double the number in 2008. We see these two dynamics coming together in a very creative and brilliant way by forming their own local-government-recognized militia. The townships grant their citizens the right of due process secured by their second amendment sanctuary status. It looks like this small, quiet town in Michigan just made some serious noise across the nation for second amendment rights!

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