This Is The Ad That Will WIN Trump the Election!

It’s being talked about all over social media: we have the political ad that’s guaranteed to WIN President Trump the election!

– A woke warrior’s anti-Trump ad unintentionally highlights popular policies, making a strong case for Trump.

– Recent polls show strong support for an America First platform, including border security, ending foreign wars, and opposing mandatory DEI training.

– Despite the ad’s intention, it inadvertently strengthens support for Trump by echoing widely supported policies and concerns.

Obviously this woke warrior had no intention of putting together an ad that would win Trump the presidency. But Hot Air had a great piece pointing out precisely how this video inadvertently makes perhaps the single best case for Trump. She mentioned that Trump will restrict immigration. This is a popular move among 70% of the country. She brings up deporting illegals, having troops at the border, banning gender-affirming “care” for children, and keeping schools from pushing alphabet ideology. Promoting the nuclear family, reforming public education, helping people who choose to homeschool their children, and banning affirmative action and DEI at universities are all also very popular ideas.

She mentions cleaning up the streets by empowering police and giving the death penalty for people who are selling poisonous fentanyl on our streets, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. She argues Trump will dismantle the federal government by firing useless civil servants, hire people who will actually follow presidential policies, and prosecute Democrats who break the law. It’s as if she looked up the most popular political positions among the American electorate and then listed them all off, promising that Trump would enact each one. And the hilarity in all of it is she doesn’t even realize it.

One of the reasons this is inadvertently like the most brilliant ad ever is because it ticks off every major issue that concerns the vast majority of Americans. A few years ago there was a stunning Harvard/Harris poll that came out showing that 75% of the population supported the essence of an America First nationalist populist platform. It was an astonishing poll. Given the latest polls that we are seeing on immigration and concerns over the southern border and the mass opposition to more aid going out to Ukraine or Israel.

These issues are still very much of concern for the vast majority of the electorate. 75% of voters said they wanted the border closed and secured. 65% supported tariffs on China. 70% wanted an end to American troops involved in foreign wars. We are seeing comparable polls today on this. The last AP poll shows that 70% of voters disapprove of the way Biden is handling the southern border. According to Monmouth, 6 in 10 voters believe illegal immigration is one of the most serious problems our nation faces today. 65% of people support deporting all illegal immigrants.

A recent Marist poll found that only 28% of the population supports mandatory DEI training. 70% oppose sex-change operations and puberty blockers for children. 71% support school choice initiatives throughout the country. As Hot Air realized, we all owe a debt of gratitude to this woke liberal. It’s as if she looked up the polling on all the major issues and decided to tell us that Trump will fulfill our dreams on all of them. Far from dissuading voters from Trump, she only ended up making perhaps the single best case for Trump of them all!

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