Things Get EVEN WORSE for Bud Light!!!

Bud Light has been giving us a masterclass on how NOT to market your product, and it’s only getting worse. We are going to see how Bud Light sales continue to plummet across the nation and we are going to see why a return to tradition promises to crush even more woke businesses!

– Anheuser Busch has seen a $10 billion drop in market value since the start of the Bud Light boycott!

– The company’s stock was downgraded by an HSBC analyst!

– Bud Light’s clash with customer values highlights the potential downfall of woke corporate messaging and its impact on companies.

The Bud Light fiasco continues to get worse for its parent company Anheuser Busch. No matter what they do, whether it is pivoting to a new Americana and countrified ad or putting their insane VP of marketing on a leave of absence, it’s not working. Things have gone from bad to worse. Bud Light’s market value has plunged an astonishing $10 billion since the boycott began. At the end of March, before the disastrous marketing campaign, Anheuser Busch had a $132 billion market cap. As of May 10th, they’ve fallen to $122 billion.

The Epoch Times is reporting that an analyst from the British bank HSBC downgraded the company’s stock, saying there are, “deeper problems than Anheuser Busch admits after the Dylan Mulvaney campaign catastrophe.” As if things couldn’t get worse, gay bars are boycotting Bud Light because they refused to support Dylan Mulvaney! So Bud Light has angered their loyal consumers who tend to be on the right, and now they’re angering consumers on the left. They are angering everybody. Their sales numbers across the nation are plummeting. It doesn’t matter if we are looking at the liberal northeast, the pacific northwest, the conservative south, or the Midwest, everywhere we look in our nation Bud Light sales have imploded.

They managed to alienate everyone with this silly Dylan Mulvaney trans marketing campaign. They are hemorrhaging customers, and things are so bad that Bud Light is offering their distributors free beer to help offset the purchasing plunge. It is unclear how that would help anything, given that no one’s buying the beer in the first place, it’s just going to take up more room with supply for which there is no demand.

Things are so bad for Bud Light that many are wondering whether a recent and unusual traffic stop in Kansas was a deliberate and desperate ploy by the Anheuser Busch marketing team to finally change the conversation! You’re going to love this. If you don’t know, a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy recently pulled over a fellow for suspicion of drunk driving. The driver’s attire may have added to that suspicion. The driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was dressed up in a Bud Light can costume.

This could be seen as a wonderful metaphor. Bud Light, as a brand, has been stopped and pulled over by the citizen arrest powers in the hands of customers. Consumers have the power. This Bud Light fiasco proves that consumers have the power to force corporations into compliance with our values, our interests, our concerns, and NOT those of radical-left woke activists.

The model and social media influencer Bri Teresi joined the boycott in a unique way inspired by Kid Rock. She took a gun not just to Bud Light, but also to a host of lingerie products from companies that have also gone woke.

Here’s what she had to say as to why she filmed the video:

She gave a very well-organized rationale for why so many are so upset over this. Whether people like it or not, traditional masculinity and femininity are making a huge comeback. The University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin recently conducted a joint research study that found that young people today are more likely to believe that a man should be the head of the household than previous generations did. The Yorkshire Building Society conducted a similar study recently and found virtually identical results. When they asked men what they most valued in a spouse, nearly 50% said taking care of the home was most important to them.

You may have seen the media recently panicking over the new phenomenon known as Trad-Wives, or, traditional wives. The trad-wife is a new trend on social media where housewives are posting videos of their daily life, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and homeschooling. It is almost like Gen Z and millennials have never even conceived of this concept, they never encountered anything like this, and it’s called the housewife. They are enamored with it!

These videos are getting millions of views, particularly on TikTok. A trad-wife is a woman who doesn’t work, she’s not a professional, and she has no aspirations to be one. Instead, she finds fulfillment in being married, looking after their children, taking care of the home and her husband, and then sharing how fulfilling and wonderful such a life is. They show just how busy they are and how complicated it is to run a home effectively and efficiently. It’s a trend that is exploding, and the underlying reason for this is the demographic revolution that’s happening here in the States but also all over the world.

Conservative religionists are growing. Secular liberals and the woke of the world are shrinking. It’s simply a matter of demographics. Liberals have largely stopped having kids while conservatives are having more than ever. We are seeing a marked shift in the culture wars throughout the nation where a larger percentage of the population is embracing traditional values, particularly traditional gender norms, while elite corporations are increasingly embracing woke values.

Bud Light is learning the hard way that this discrepancy between the values of the corporation clashing with the values of the customer creates disaster for the future of the company. Bud Light may be the beginning of the end of Woke Inc, in more ways than we could have ever imagined!

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