Well, as you can see, she’s done; she’s literally falling apart; we have the first White House press secretary who officially no longer talks to the press! But what’s going on here? What’s really happening with this obvious meltdown with the Biden administration? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out!

-Of the 35 WH Press Secretaries Jean-Pierre is THE WORST!

-So many embarrassing moments

-I will show how her embarrassing tenure proves the DECLINE of the leftist regime in power!

You may not know this, I certainly didn’t, but there have been only 35 White House press secretaries EVER! It’s a relatively new job as far as the office of the president is concerned, beginning with Herbert Hoover, but more and more reporters are becoming increasingly open with their opinion that OF those 35, Karine Jean Pierre is by far the worst! I mean, we’re talking, even the most far-left, liberal of reporters are admitting that she is an absolute and total disaster, completely unqualified for this job! For example, she seems incapable of answering questions without reading from a pre-written script, and that resulted in one of the most cringeworthy moments imaginable when she actually read the wrong answer to a reporter’s question:

She literally, LITERALLY began reading to that reporter an answer that had nothing to do with his question, and then caught herself doing it! But then again, this is a press secretary who accused Russia of having the audacity to weaponize, I kid you not, Russia dared to weaponize a CLOTHING STORE:

That’s right, gang, the evil Vladimir Putin has threatened the continent of Europe with shutting down the latest buy-one-get-one free deal from Nordstrom! What’s next? Is he going to send in bombs from Bloomingdales!?! No, instead he’s sending in the African Reporter Simon Ateba, who does not take any bull from the White House:

But the best is what he said to her this week:

‘You are not fit for this job!’ I LOVE it!!! And she’s not; she’s obviously not! And she’s not fit for this job precisely because the Biden administration she works for is not fit for this job, and even Democrats are admitting this! A new Harvard/Harris poll just released shows that 6 out of 10 Americans, 6 out of 10, believe Biden is cognitively challenged and is not fit for the job, and that includes a near quarter of Democrats! But the beauty with Karine Jean-Pierre is we are afforded a special glimpse into precisely why the Biden administration is imploding!

Political scientist John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago has done an in-depth study as to why leaders lie; and he found that governments lie for all kinds of reasons. He identified five kinds of state-sponsored lies: interstate lies (lies told between governments), fear-mongering, strategic cover-ups, national myths, and liberal lies. What’s so interesting here is that he found that when it comes to international relations, states rarely lie, and that’s largely because states don’t trust each other, they’re already assuming that they’re lying! Where we see the lies is in domestic politics; states lie to their people, and OFTEN! And again, that’s because populations tend to trust their governments, and so their governments can exploit that trust by lying to them!

The problem, as Mearsheimer explains, is that incessant lying by governments to their own people inexorably leads to what he calls ‘backfire’ and that’s where the lies begin undermining the state’s legitimacy among its citizens; its citizens rightly begin to doubt anything the government is telling them, and as a result, the government increasingly is incapable of effectively governing, in that government policies are met with incessant and debilitating skepticism. And that, I would argue, is exactly what we’re seeing here with the Biden administration as represented by the single most unfit press secretary in American history! The more she lies, I mean blatantly lies, the more she undermines the legitimacy of this administration; and we could keep going with that, the more the legacy media lies, the more it undermines its own legitimacy as a reliable mediator of knowledge. Lies inevitably corrode, they destroy, in fact, this is one of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for living, always tell the truth because inevitably, lies, real malevolent lies, lead to the undoing of the liar! That’s exactly what we’re seeing with the Biden administration, most explicitly demonstrated by the worst press secretary of them all!