Nations around the world are rising against the World Health Organization and their plans for a universal pandemic treaty that would effectively dictate the international rules in the event of another global pandemic. We are now getting word that the WHO is backing down as their plans are collapsing under the weight of massive international opposition!

– The Pandemic Agreement by the WHO is facing opposition globally due to concerns over Article 13A, which could lead to surrendering national sovereignty in pandemic responses.

– Article 13A mandates countries to follow WHO’s recommendations during public health emergencies, including vaccine mandates and control over information dissemination.

– The WHO’s retreat indicates the impact of global opposition, showcasing the power of public advocacy against unelected bureaucratic overreach.

The Pandemic Agreement is the latest initiative coming out of the World Health Organization. It’s being touted as an effort to draw up rules around what countries do in the event of another worldwide pandemic. As more information about the agreement comes to the surface, more populations around the world want nothing to do with it.

The major concern here involves what’s called Article 13A in the pandemic treaty. The Article states, “States Parties recognize the WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response during public health Emergency of International Concern and undertake to follow the WHO’s recommendations in their international public health response.”

The concern here is the surrendering of national sovereignty in how best to respond to a pandemic. Countries would be forced to follow the rules and recommendations as decided by the unelected bureaucrats at the WHO. Moreover, the treaty includes things like the right of the WHO to not only mandate vaccines and vaccine procedures but also who can access all kinds of alternative antiviral drugs as well as mandate what can be publicly said and the information that can be allowed to be disseminated regarding the vaccines and the drugs.

The good news in all of this is that there is a massive uprising going on all over the world against this planned pandemic treaty. Over the last few weeks, several reports came out revealing that the treaty was on the verge of collapse. Many nations reportedly started to back away from signing the treaty due to the mass resistance politicians were getting from their citizens. Last week, tens of thousands of protestors came out in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo to protest the WHO treaty.

Japanese media is reporting that it was a stunning protest where demonstrators came from all over Japan. They were expecting only a few thousand to show up, but the turnout was tens of thousands of people. Protestors carried banners saying ‘Down with the Pandemic Treaty’, ‘Don’t Force the Vaccines’, ‘Don’t Let the WHO Bully Us,’ and ‘Show us what the Treaty says.’ Here at home, even our otherwise deaf political class appears to be getting the message:

This worldwide opposition against the WHO’s pandemic treaty is growing so massive that we are now getting reports that the WHO is backing down. The independent Swedish journalist Peter Immanuelsen is reporting that the latest draft of the treaty has removed some of their more draconian rules, such as making the treaty non-binding, which means that the countries will keep their national sovereignty rather than hand it over to a bunch of unelected World Health Organizations bureaucrats.

The controversial Article 13A which appears to mandate the loss of national sovereignty in dealing with a pandemic has been removed. According to Immanuelson’s reporting, they have even backed down from their insistence on censoring what the WHO considers ‘misinformation.’ Amazingly, it looks like the WHO is getting the message.

We are making more of a difference than we could have imagined. By standing up, making our voices heard, taking to social media, and spreading awareness, we are making a difference. We are effectively fighting back and causing these worldwide unelected bureaucrats to stammer.

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