The WEF is COLLAPSING in 2023!!!

-The world is changing and leaving the WEF behind

-Major shifts this January are SCARING Klaus Schwab and the other demons at Davos

-This GREAT ESCAPE is hitting every corner of the world!

Master the Future. THAT is what we’re hearing coming out of this year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland: A massive political and economic project that seeks to integrate the world into coordinated international institutions all managed by a solitary technocratic elite, what they’re calling a global collaboration village!

But is the future that’s actually emerging really something that these billionaires and bureaucrats can master? Join me as we discover that the world has something very different in store for these managerial elite, ironically, THEY are the ones who will be mastered in the end!

The Great Reset is the name given to the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos headed by Klaus Schwab, where all the world’s power brokers, politicians and billionaires get together and basically plot how they can better manage the world! The WEF, the World Economic Forum, believes that a globalized world is best managed by a self selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments, and civil society organizations (like the Open Society Foundations of George Soros) who work in tandem to impose policies and values that THEY deem to be of most value. Most particularly, the Great Reset involved strategizing how the pandemic restrictions could be used to intensify their managerial rule, effectively, over the whole of the world, particularly its common financial systems!

Now what’s very important to understand here is that the WEF operates according to the logic of what’s known as a ‘unipolar world,’ a world characterized by a single pole of power which is then able to remake the world in its own image. That sole power since the fall of the Soviet Union has of course been the United States, with the EU in Brussels and the WEF in Davos together creating what scholars have called the liberal international order. Under this order, the WEF has up until this point had basically a green light to do whatever it wants, which includes proposing the implementation of a Chinese-inspired social credit system.

Now, it’s important to recognize, this is basically what the WEF is! The Davos managerial worldview pits the obligation to solve the problems of the world not on governments or corporations and big business, but rather, the full brunt to change the world will be borne by you, and this is key, as a consumer! And that’s where Davos comes in! At any Davos gathering, over and over again you’re going to hear speakers talk about creating business conditions that in effect control the choices of consumers in order to quote ‘make this a better world’! They’re not about finding solutions to problems in their own spheres of influence; they’re not about blaming governments or corporations for all the problems in our world; no, they’re all about shifting responsibility for all of that over to YOU. YOU are the problem; you make the wrong choices, and so your choices have to be controlled! And with the advent of the managerial elite’s devotion to woke ideology, that refuses to entertain even the slightest semblance of dissent, more and more populations are openly declaring that this WEF mastered world is the last world that they would ever want to be a part of, and they’re doing something about it, big time! And THAT, as it turns out, is the real future, a future that the WEF cannot master!

There is a massive worldwide resistance against this technocratic tyranny that’s forging what Reason magazine is calling ‘The Great Escape’! First, the rise of Russia and China as well as India as major international powers has replaced a unipolar world with what’s called a multi-polar world, a world with a number of great political and economic powers; and as a result, Davos is confronting a new world order wherein its one-size-fits all management vision has little influence. As a result, all over the globe, a parallel economy totally free from wokeness and built around traditional core values is rising up and flourishing. Scholars have noted that Patriot entrepreneurs around the world are currently investing in and financing numerous projects that seek to provide alternatives to the woke corporations that are acting in tandem with woke governments to implement something akin to the Chinese social credit system! And those Scholars are calling the builders of this world ‘Frontier Innovators.’ 

The Frontier is simply the innovation centers and entrepreneurial activity located outside Silicon Valley and its counterparts, like LA, New York, London, and the like. So this is an alternative economy that’s rising up that includes companies in Kenya as well as in Kansas, in Uganda and Utah, in India and Indiana. And so, we’re seeing the rising of nothing less than a parallel society at all levels! We are seeing the rise of international payment systems that are fast replacing Western globalist banks. We’re seeing the rise of parallel economic and political alliances like BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which together comprise over 60 percent of the world’s population. Here at home we’re of course seeing the rise of parallel news media (like what we’re doing), parallel social media like the new patriot-based Twitter, parallel currencies and crypto, parallel schools (like homeschooling and the classical Christian school movement), parallel colleges, conservative colleges, we’ve got parallel payment processing systems, parallel medical insurance like healthcare cost sharing organizations, parallel job finder sites like Red Balloon made up completely of anti-woke companies; we could go on and on! We’ve got parallel satellites that Elon Musk has been putting up in outer space, he’s talking about creating an entire parallel phone and telecommunicative system! And here’s the best part: t’s all totally decentralized! Because it’s part of what’s called the network society, there’s no centralized nucleus to take it out, and there are constantly new and innovative ways of getting around any barriers that technocratic institutions may try to put up against it! So as it turns out, it’s not just that the world that’s rising has no need to be mastered; the decentralized multipolar world that’s rising, CAN’T be mastered! And so, the clowns at Davos will continue to plot away at their silly Great Reset, but what’s really happening all around them is the Great Escape, an escape from their control and coercion, …an escape that promises to be just the beginning!