What’s really happening in Ohio? Why is one of the worst environmental disasters in recent memory being completely ignored by both the federal government and the legacy media? That’s what we’re going to find out, and the answer is shocking!

-This could be one of the worst environmental disasters of our time…

-The media and activists are SILENT!

-Read more to learn why our rulers are subjecting us to this!

On Friday, February 3rd, a train traveling from Madison, Illinois to Conway, Pennsylvania derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. Officials said that among the 50 train cars that derailed, multiple cars contained a particularly dangerous chemical, vinyl chloride, that is both colorless and flammable. Local and state officials moved to evacuate all residents within one mile of the crash and started a controlled burn of the chemicals to lower the risk of an explosion. As a result, vinyl chloride was released into the atmosphere in the form of massive plumes of dark smoke that were visible in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania; a number of other volatile industrial chemicals were released at the derailment site as well. The environmental impact was seen almost immediately; residents began reporting hundreds of dead fish found belly up in Leslie Run stream located in East Palestine, which is just an hour northwest of the city of Pittsburgh.

What the full environmental implications and impacts are from the blast, most especially how chemical leakage is and will continue to affect the water supply, has yet to be released by the government, but mostly all who’ve bothered to comment on the disaster predict them to be devastating. And yet, there are many who are noticing a bizarre and eerie silence from our permanent political class and their dutiful propagandists in the legacy media. No activists filling the streets, no protests, no Greta, no Biden, no AOC, even Al Gore is nowhere to be seen! And oddly enough, East Palestine isn’t the only town to see train derailments; if you didn’t know, two more derailments have happened since, one in Texas, the other in South Carolina! And of course, you can add an epidemic of flight delays and FAA system outages, along with the incessant supply chain interruptions across the country, to this growing breakdown in our domestic transportation infrastructure. So you must be wondering why all of this is happening? Here’s Senator JD Vance of Ohio on the Tucker Carlson show on what he thinks is behind all of this:

He’s absolutely right; these are unserious people focused on fake problems rather than real ones. Now what he’s referring to are recent comments made by Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s transportation secretary. He was speaking before the National Association of Counties Conference, where he said this:

So there you go, our transportation secretary, who remember, took paternity leave in the midst of the supply chain crisisafter he and his husband adopted twins, he is now focused on resolving the problem of too many white men in construction jobs! He did not so much as even hint that there was an environmental crisis under his watch unraveling in East Palestine! So what’s going on here? What’s happening? I think we can all agree with Senator Vance, we’re dealing with unserious people who are focused on fake problems and ignoring the real ones, but why? Why is THAT happening?

Joel Kotkin of Chapman University in California profoundly describes our time as characterized by what he calls neo-feudalization. It’s a term that refers to the ways in which the structure of our society is increasingly reflecting the kind of social structure that characterized the feudal middle ages! For example, today, like then, you have an astonishing concentration of wealth and power; where very few people control pretty much everything. 5 years ago about 400 billionaires owned half of the world’s assets; today that number has dropped to 100. So you have this tremendous concentration of wealth and power, where bureaucrats and billionaires are teaming up to create a top-down governance structure. And next to that, we’re seeing today the rise of comparable religious fundamentalism; but of course, the fundamentalism today involves all things woke, the environment, gender, race, but the key here is that like with religious fundamentalism, as it were, there’s no room for dissent. Dissenters are heretics, and instead of a clerical class enforcing the new dogma, it’s a clerisy class, a class of pseudo-intellectuals from the universities and professions, the credentialed class, that are imposing an ideological inquisition on the whole of the population.

And so what we’re seeing today is how Big Business and Big Government, billionaires and bureaucrats, along with the ideologically-propagating legacy media are teaming up together to create a singular system under which we all have to live, whether we want to or not! This is why the environment is their number one concern when WE are the culprits for maladaptive behavior; but when THEY oversee the conditions that lead to chemical spills and environmental disasters, that’s perfectly fine; there’s nothing to see there! And that’s simply because they’re no longer our representatives, they’re our rulers! And incompetent ones at that! And so, the good news is that this isn’t hiding anymore; this festering filth is losing the darkness of its cover with more and more light exposing it! As it turns out, ideologues like Pete Buttigieg, aren’t very competent; they’re in fact highly prone to shutting down rational inquiry into the intellectual integrity of their ideology. And so the more neo-feudalist ideology comes to power, ironically the more their incompetence is exposed! That’s precisely what happened in the Soviet Union, and it helped lead to its downfall, as confidence in the ideology and the Soviet system began to collapse among the masses! Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later: here as well!