The Truth Behind Romney LEAVING!

The soon-to-be ex-Senator of Utah Mitt Romney got an earful at the Utah Republican Convention. As it turns out, he got the message loud and clear!

– Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and senator, has announced he won’t seek reelection in 2024, marking the end of his political career.

– Romney represented a RINO wing of the Republican Party that aimed to counter the rise of nationalist populism within the party.

– Romney’s exit is an acknowledgment of Trump’s victory and a decline in influence for the old globalist wing of the Republican Party.

He is officially gone! Romney has announced that he will not be seeking reelection in 2024. The era of Mitt Romney is finally and mercifully over. This duplicitous man governed as a pro-abortion liberal for a single term as Massachusetts governor where he implemented an Obama-like healthcare system affectionately referred to as Romney care. He ran as a fake conservative for president, losing in a humiliating upset to Obama when all the polls showed he should have easily won, and who has served a single disastrous term as a rabidly anti-Trump senator.

He is finally done because of Liz Cheney, the former sole representative of neighboring Wyoming. She was stomped in the Republican primary a year ago, and the same humiliating demise was destined for Romney as well. He, unlike Cheney, read his surroundings and decided to bow out before suffering yet another humiliating landslide defeat comparable to Cheney’s primary embarrassment. But that points to an even deeper reason for Romney’s exit that has far more profound and lasting ramifications for our nation.

One of the first acts of Romney’s new senate career was writing an op-ed piece for the ultra-leftwing Washington Post. Romney excoriated President Trump for taking American troops out of international arenas of forever wars like Syria. He lamented the economic nationalism that had gripped the Republican Party, instead advocating for a finance-centered economy that continued to unabashedly ship manufacturing and industrial jobs overseas to cut costs and maximize margins for stockholders! He lambasted Trump for taking on the Deep State and the seedy Swamp of DC. Romney’s short-lived tenure as Senator represented a RINO wing of the Republican Party that thought they could rescue the party from its descent into nationalist populism, a growing trend of voters seeking to restore national sovereignty at our borders.

For a person like Mitt Romney, populist concerns like border security, economic security, and cultural security are all bad. Mitt Romney had the gall to publicly accuse Tulsi Gabbard, an army veteran and populist stalwart, of treason because she refused to go along with the lobotomized talking points on Ukraine written up by the military-industrialized complex. He accused her of parroting Russian propaganda and pushing what he called ‘treasonous lies.’ Romney was the poster boy of the old Republican Party, the neocon establishment that put its faith in the twin globalist forces of corporate finance and the military-industrial complex as the backbone of the nation.

Donald Trump, by contrast, saw globalism as inherently evil and as destructive of our national sovereignty. An American First agenda would restore the nationalist, populist, and traditionalist dynamics. Romney, as a representative of the uniparty that’s taken over Washington DC, believes in the greatness of globalism, which in effect, makes nationalist populists and patriots their enemy. The beauty in all of this is that Romney’s bowing out of the Senate is an open admission that Trump has won! The Trump wing of the Republican Party is now by far the dominant wing. The ultimate reason Romney is leaving the Senate is because he has, once again, suffered defeat. The old globalist wing of the Republican Party’s days are numbered as well.

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