The TRUTH Behind Nikki Haley’s Presidential Run!!!

She’s being called by some Jeb Bush in High Heels! The donor class’s very own candidate, Nikki Haley, is an absolute Disaster! Today we’re going to see precisely why the Nikki Haley candidacy is actually an admission, one that you’re absolutely LOVE!

-Nikki Haley wants to be President!

-Too bad she has literally zero support even in her home state!

-I’ll reveal the real reason behind her candidacy…

It’s been a week now since Nikki Haley announced her presidential candidacy, and let’s just say, things aren’t going quite the way she hoped! The day after her announcement, President Trump trolled her saying: ‘Oh look, she’s polling at 1 percent; not a bad start!’ Well, number 45 was just a bit off; a week since her announcement, she’s actually polling much better than that, she’s polling at 6 percent, this according to Morning Consult! She’s now tied with Mike Pence at the very bottom of the list! In fact, things are so bad, that she’s getting trounced by Trump in her own state of South Carolina! He’s beating her by double-digits! 41% of Republicans, 41 percent (!), either don’t have an opinion of her or don’t even know who she is! And so, what that means is: she’s hardly going to be the last Republican to jump in to try to steal the 2024 nomination from Trump, which ironically means that Trump is basically guaranteed the nomination! The more people who run and crowd each other out for the non-Trump vote, the more Trump’s loyal supporters are guaranteed a win! That’s why Trump is saying, ‘Hey, the more the merrier!’ But no one, and I do mean no one, has been more devastating to Nikki Haley’s presidential prospects, than Tucker Carlson. Back when our cities were burning under the carnage of racial riots following the George Floyd incident, Carlson reported on what Nikki Haley was doing in response:

And so, obviously, when Nikki Haley announced her run for the presidency, Tucker was hardly impressed:

And of course Tucker is right, and it’s showing in all the polls; within the Republican Party, Nikki Haley literally has no possible path to the nomination. She was far too close to Trump for Never Trumpers, and she’s far too away from Trump for MAGA voters! She’s literally in an impossible position! So why on earth is she running? Well, we’re going to answer precisely that!

A number of savvy commentators and pundits are recognizing that Nikki Haley running for president is actually an admission! It’s an admission that the Trump team is poised to crush Biden in 2024, and recognizing that, they want a seat at the Trump table! In many respects, they’re taking their playbook from Kamala Harris. Harris of course was a disaster on the campaign trail, she had to bow out of the contest before the first primary! She did that poorly, she was poised to come in dead last among all the different candidates! But that didn’t matter to a Democrat nominee who declared that he was picking a running mate based solely on gender and race! Regardless of why he picked her, the behind the scenes strategy seems to have worked! Whoever was lobbying Biden on Kamala Harris persuaded the powers that be to pick her, and that appears to be precisely what Nikki Haley is attempting to do here. She knows she can’t win, there is not a single serious political strategist that thinks she can win, again, we’re dealing with someone who is too close to Trump for never-Trumpers and too far away for Trump for the maga crowd. There’s no possible path for her to win, so the only possible explanation here for why she’s running is that Kamala Harris path. She wants to either be the vice presidential running mate, or she wants some other seat at the Trump table! Which means that her candidacy is a giant admission that the donor class, that’s backing Nikki Haley, sees Trump as the most likely winner in this upcoming 2024 contest!

As many of you know, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that President Trump’s team is now all-in on ballot harvesting strategies to counter Democrat advantages in early and mail-in voting! According to the Journal, Trump’s staff are actively reviewing state laws on absentee and mail-in voting and ballot harvesting so as to maximize the Republican vote in 2024! And of course we know that’s absolutely key to victory, it’s not so much a matter of who turns out to vote, but how many ballots come in, that’s the new voting and victory strategy. So Trump looks like he’s ready for 2024, and Nikki Haley and her donors appear to be admitting that he has a very good chance of winning, and they wanna make sure they are part of the power base in the incoming White House! Now that leads us to a final consideration here, and that’s the extent to which Trump is going to fall victim to the siren calls of the establishment donor class! If Nikki Haley joins his team, I think it’s gonna be relatively clear he learned nothing from his first tenure as president. If however, he continues to mock and ridicule her, and keep her at arms length, then it looks like we’re seeing a Trump 2.0 that’s ready to absolutely crush the deep state! So we’ll have to see how it all plays itself out, but I think the key takeaway here is that the Nikki Haley candidacy is a massive admission that the donor class does see the path to victory for trump as a very real plausible possibility, and they’re doing everything they can to get in on the ground floor of that future win!