The Right is Taking Over SAN FRANCISCO?!

The latest moves by some high-powered tech barons are aiming to make one of the most blue regions in the nation solid red!

– San Francisco is facing a surge in crime, leading to a high property crime rate and widespread victimization.

– Residents organized successful recall efforts against the ultra-woke district attorney and radical leftists on the school board.

– The emergence of Christian rights activists and state-level crackdowns on blue cities hint at a changing political landscape in deeply liberal areas.

San Francisco, once a magnificent and beautiful city, has been destroyed from within. Historically, San Francisco has survived natural disasters such as earthquakes as well as diseases and epidemics. The city was no match for the virus we call wokeness. The recent decision to defund the police coincided unsurprisingly with skyrocketing crime. San Francisco now has the highest property crime rate per capita among all major cities in the United States.

A recent poll revealed that nearly half of San Franciscans reported being victims of theft or assault. It’s no wonder that a massive revolt is brewing to the surface.

These are San Francisco voters celebrating the successful effort to recall one of the single most leftwing district attorneys in the nation. This was fully funded by George Soros himself. In June 2022, San Francisco Voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly voted in favor of recalling the ultra-woke San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Bowden. There was a highly orchestrated funding campaign behind the recall effort coming from San Francisco-based techno-libertarians from Silicon Valley who are intent on overthrowing San Francisco’s leftist establishment once and for all.

Tech Barons such as Balaji Srinavasen and Garry Tan reportedly have their sights set on transforming San Francisco’s city hall to ideologically align more with their techno-libertarian sentiments. It’s being called a rightwing takeover of San Francisco, and they seem to be getting some help from parents! Just a couple of months before the successful recall effort that ousted their ultra-woke prosecutor, parents organized a successful recall effort to vote out 3 radical leftists on their unified school board, all of whom were defeated with upwards of 70% of the vote.

The rampant crime and lawlessness that has infested San Francisco has obviously contributed inordinately to its economic cratering. Once known for its thriving business environment, the city now suffers from a staggering 35% commercial vacancy rate. Since Covid, San Francisco has lost half of its downtown stores. It’s not unusual to see areas that were once economically thriving turned into little more than a ghost town.

This is also turning into an amazing opportunity for the city’s revitalization. More investors are coming in and buying up San Francisco real estate at a steal of a price. What these tech barons in San Francisco are doing is actually just par for the course for what several Christian patriot groups are plotting to do in towns and cities across the nation. The leftwing Daily Kos is actually panicking over a group calling themselves the City Elders. It’s a national network of county-level committees of Christian rights activists who are working to make these county-level committees the de facto government in their local jurisdictions.

At the state level, we’re beginning to see more red states crack down on their blue cities. They are beginning to require that blue cities enforce red-state values in their jurisdictions or face takeovers by the state government. It seems to be working. Recently, the Mayor of Dallas, Eric Johnson, switched parties from Democrat to Republican. Something seems to be afoot in our nation’s deep-blue cities, and whatever it is, their future may not be as blue as we would have thought!

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