A small town community RALLIES to help a mourning son buy his reposed father’s Police cruiser. I analyze what this reveals about the fabric of conservative, christian community!

-This couldn’t happen in a secularist community

-This displays what preserves and does not preserve civilization

-It is great that our country still produces moments like this!

Hey gang, I’m just going to tell you to grab the tissues, sit back and watch an amazingly inspirational story of faith, family, and freedom!

This story struck a number of chords with me; I, too, last my dad when I was a boy, when I was just 11 years old; so my heart really goes out to Tanner, I cherish the material connections between me and my father more than anything else in the world; I know what getting his dad’s patrol car would mean for him! And the beauty is that he started a GoFundMe to help him raise the money for the car, but of course, he was quickly out-bid by that rancher, a fellow named Steve Wells, who of course had every intention of both raising much needed money for the local police department and then giving the car to Tanner. And that’s what this story really brought home for me, something so much more than what Tanner and I shared in terms of our fathers.

As you can see, Weld County Colorado is a traditionally conservative community, it votes 60 percent Republican, and scholars have noticed that community is actually central to a conservative vision of life! In both psychological as well as sociological studies, conservatives consistently exemplify what are called binding tendencies. We honor and revere those moral qualities that lend themselves to strong community ties: sacred beliefs and practices, participation in religious traditions, a respect for law and order, loyalty to family and neighbor. Thus, it’s not a coincidence that THAT fellow, Steve Wells, the rich rancher that bought the car and gave it to Tanner, is a hardcore and active patriot who spends millions defending faith, family, and freedom in Colorado! By contrast, studies have demonstrated that liberals are radically individualist, who end up actually disdaining and often destroying community!

Now I know that might seem counterintuitive, because liberals are always talking about community; heck they’re the ones advocating what’s basically rehashed communism, COMMUNism, right? But what we have to understand is that the communities they claim to belong to are generally artificial communities, they’re fabricated, they’re communities based on a globalist dynamic known as ‘reflexivity.’ They defend only those communities that they can personally identify with, and generally what that means is that, because the liberal is so individualizing, so uncomfortable inside the group, inside traditional conservative community, they identify only with those who feel equally marginalized from traditional conservative community. So this is where you get identity politics from and all of its different outworkings, which are of course all united in trying to destroy the culture, customs, and traditions of local of ways of life.

This is the thesis of Patrick De-NEEN’s book ‘Why Liberalism Failed.’ He basically argues that liberalism fails because it simply doesn’t have the resources to provide for the basic communal structures of meaning and significance upon which a sustainable society is built. In cultural anthropological terms: liberalism is devoid of what’s called the ‘sacred’ which involves divine obligations that in effect organize our social order. Societies are ridiculously complex phenomena and we’re finding that apart from the sanctity of institutions such as family and church and community, apart from these meaning- and purpose-instilling institutions, society unravels. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in our crime-ridden imploding cities today! But not in Weld County, Colorado; there, family and community are still honored and cherished; and because of that, we can still get heartfelt glimpses of random acts of kindness and compassion, that remind us all of the gift that is faith, family, and freedom!