The Media Panics as Women are Rejecting Birth Control Drugs

The Washington Post published multiple articles within the past week, claiming that women are getting off birth control amid a “misinformation campaign” online. The Washington Post is one of the most leftwing shills still around in the media today. Many of the other sites that existed only to churn out leftwing propaganda have already gone under, such as Buzzfeed News and Vice. However, the Washington Post is still running for now, and therefore continuing to publish articles that completely reject reality.

These articles have prompted an explosive backlash. Many women believe that doctors do not care about women’s health, and the rejection of women’s stories and side effects is a clear indication that their concerns are not taken seriously. Many women who were interviewed for these Washington Post articles have come out claiming that what they shared was misrepresented in the piece as well. The Washington Post has broadly dismissed the notion that birth control could possibly harm anyone, saying, “False narratives that birth control pills and IUDs cause health problems lead some women to make contraceptive decisions based on fear rather than facts.”

This simplification is one of the most obvious healthcare lies that the media has tried to push on us in recent years. Many women have mental health side effects from these hormonal pills or devices, and others have physical health side effects. Not every woman will have serious side effects from using hormonal birth control, but the leftwing media is desperate to insist that nobody has side effects and that women who share their stories are contributing to a “misinformation campaign.”

This is a very similar approach that the media used to discuss Covid, claiming that anyone who questioned how serious Covid was or the effectiveness of the vaccine was spreading dangerous misinformation. We can now clearly see that Covid is no more serious than the flu, which does kill some people but overall is not a life-threatening disease to the majority of the population. The CDC has confirmed this after years of prompting the media to lie about this and begging social media companies to censor people who argued that the two were similar. We all know that the media lied about the vaccine, which does not stop people from getting or spreading Covid as well. The media and health industries continue to use the same language to signal what is unacceptable to believe. The idea that birth control causes side effects is clearly a target of the same attacks we saw from the media and Big Pharma during Covid now, but we all can see them retracing their steps here.

One of the women mentioned in the Washington Post article was Brittany Martinez, founder of Evie Magazine. Martinez shredded the Post reporter who wrote the article, and also addressed the media’s dishonest coverage of health issues: “In case you needed a reminder, our healthcare system is broken, we are one of the unhealthiest, most obese countries on earth, our food industry prioritizes profits at all costs, including putting countless toxic, disease-causing ingredients in our food that are banned in places like Europe, and the regulatory agencies are essentially controlled by pharmaceutical companies. It’s exhausting yet predictable to see reporters incapable of keeping politics out of health. A short time ago, we all laughed at headlines calling fitness and working out ‘far right.’

“The questions you SHOULD be asking: why are so many women being dismissed and gaslit by their doctors to such a degree that they have to turn to social media to get answers from other women sharing their lived experiences? And where can women turn to for reliable alternatives to hormonal birth control? But instead, you’ve decided to blame and shame the victims in all this – women.”

Martinez also discussed the media’s lies about how the Covid vaccine affected women’s menstrual cycles. They completely covered up the story and smeared Martinez and Evie Magazine as ‘spreading misinformation,’ when it has now been clearly proven that women’s cycles are affected by the vaccine.

Until doctors start to actually care for women’s health, women are not going to be able to trust many healthcare providers. Birth control is prescribed for almost any issue a woman has, such as heavy periods, acne, menstrual pain, irregular cycles, and hormonal imbalances, and doctors do not try to figure out the underlying reason that these symptoms are present. The mainstream media is complicit in all of the recent healthcare scandals, and this has caused people to not trust them even more. Women’s healthcare is a serious issue that affects about half of the population and the species’ ability to continue, so the media must receive more pressure to stop lying about the dangers that we are facing in the medical industry today.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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