The Judge Ruled On Fani Willis Corruption Investigation!

We are seeing an utterly insane uniparty ruling on the Fani Willis case.

– Judge McAfee rules that DA Fani Willis can stay on the Trump case if she removes her boyfriend from the position, despite evidence of corruption.

– The ruling acknowledges Willis’ illicit affair and financial corruption but allows the case against Trump to proceed.

– The crisis of legitimacy in the country reflects growing disillusionment with the political establishment, signaling a shift away from globalism.

Judge Scott McAfee just ruled that DA Fani Willis can stay on the Trump case if she removes her boyfriend from the position he holds. He ruled that she could continue to prosecute Trump despite the evidence of her corruption in appointing him in the first place. This judge fully acknowledges that Willis and Wade were having an illicit affair spending money that she paid her boyfriend in huge amounts far exceeding what she paid other similar staff members.

Willis claimed that she paid her boyfriend back for these trips even though there was no record of that. She said that she had cash in her home, and when asked where the money came from, she even admitted that she kept money from her campaign fundraising. This corrupt court admits that Willis needs to remove her boyfriend from this case, but they are not making Willis suffer any consequences. The case against Trump will still be able to continue according to this ridiculous court judgment.

The New York Times has reported that Judge McAfee used to work for Fani Willis. McAfee donated to Willis’ campaign for DA as well. The key in all of this is that we are dealing with the politics of a uniparty. The political class’ priority is only to protect itself, they do not care at all about the values, interests, or concerns of the people who they represent. The uniparty only cares about itself and its preservation at the expense of anything and anyone else.

Premodern man wanted to conform his desires and ambitions to the divine meaning and purpose around them. According to postmodern thinking, the fundamental question is now ‘How do we conform the world through science and technology to our desires and ambitions?’ We are seeing the political class trying to redefine the world through their power in a distinctly corrupt and harmful way.

The good news about this disaster is that we are going through a massive crisis of legitimacy in our country. The divide between the people and the political class is growing rapidly. As delegitimation continues, the government starts to crumble and lose its respect and power. This kind of corruption is what the left is going to continue to try to pull this November. We are seeing the transition away from globalism all around us, and it is only a matter of time before the United States follows suit.

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