The European Farmer Revolt Is Crushing WEF!

European police used water cannons against farmers who were spraying manure right back at them! The European farmer revolt is in full force against the WEF and their Davos-inspired climate policies.

– European farmers, joined by British counterparts, protest in London and Brussels against globalist regulations impacting agriculture.

– The EU drops plans for stricter climate regulations on farmers after widespread protests across Europe.

– Louisiana passes a bill to prevent the WEF and WHO from having legal jurisdiction over its citizens.

The European farmers’ protest continues to surge throughout the continent. Now British farmers have joined the revolt. Scenes coming out of London show farmers driving dozens of tractors in a slow-motion convoy to protest globalist rules, regulations, and trade deals that are adversely affecting their livelihood and their ability to farm. British farmers are joining the mass farmer protest in Brussels, the seat of the EU, where numerous tractors and trucks have sealed off streets close to the European Headquarters.

The EU’s agricultural ministers are coming together today to discuss the crisis in Europe’s agricultural sectors that has led to months of these farmer protests. At the heart of this are Davos-inspired regulations that are making it virtually impossible to farm. This of course is the intention. Farming is seen by the Demons in Davos at the WEF as bad for the environment and therefore has to be either radically recalibrated around green initiatives or done away with altogether.

Davos envisions a future when ‘we own nothing,’ including our food! The farmers just got a huge victory in Europe. The AP is reporting that a major European Union plan to impose more radical climate restrictions on the farmers has been officially dropped. Environmentalists were stunned to find out that a ‘biodiversity bill’ that was expected to easily clear all bureaucratic and legislative hurdles was stopped largely because of the effectiveness of these protests throughout the continent. All of these members of the European Parliament are up for reelection just three months from now. The so-called far-right nationalist populists of Europe are poised to take over.

Last year, tens of thousands of Dutch farmers rose up against lawmakers in the Dutch Parliament who voted to follow orders directly from the World Economic Forum. They wanted to slash their nation’s emissions by forcing farmers to use less fertilizer, cut their livestock herd numbers which involved killing their livestock, and even stop work altogether. So the farmers rose, and the Dutch police responded to them by going “full Trudeau!”

In the name of democracy and liberty, Dutch police brutally cracked down on the protestors. But despite all of these Gestapo-like tactics, the Dutch farmers refused to back down. They fought back, mobilized, politically organized, and put together one of the newest political parties in Europe, a farmer’s party known as the BBB. In a stunning upset, the BBB won the Netherlands’ senate elections in a blowout! Because the election was such a political earthquake, the Dutch government collapsed.

The coalition that sought to implement these Davos-inspired policies imploded. They had to hold snap elections. The ultra-far-right Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party won the snap election again in a blowout. What we’re seeing play out here in Brussels may indeed be forecasting an absolute populist blowout in the upcoming European Parliament elections just a few months from now.

The great state of Louisiana is pushing back against the WEF and the World Health Organization. The Louisiana senate just passed a bill that would make it illegal for the WEF or the WHO to have any legal jurisdiction whatsoever over their citizens. This bill passed the Senate by a vote of 37 to 0. It’s expected to easily pass the state House and will be signed by the great Republican governor.

What both the European farmers’ revolt and the Louisiana senate are suggestive of is the fact that the world is changing in such a way that the WEF is becoming less relevant. Even the New York Times is admitting this. They are openly recognizing that the world is changing. It’s changing in ways that threaten to bring to an end the very existence of the WEF. According to the New York Times, the WEF is losing its relevance, influence, and power to direct and dictate political and economic life around the world.

This is largely because more and more populations are deliberately turning away from globalism and globalist structures and goals and are instead embracing nationalism, populism, and traditionalism. Scholars are recognizing that the world order as a whole is changing. A multi-polar world is reconfiguring around new economic centers like BRICS, a global economic bloc that has grown exponentially with the inclusion of OPEC nations like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran. Dozens of other countries are lining up to join.

This new economic bloc is providing the global platform for new bilateral trade agreements and financial activities that deliberately bypass the WEF’s vision of world order. With the rise of nationalism in the West and a new powerful economic bloc in the rest of the world, there isn’t much room for the WEF anymore.

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