For the second time in 2024 it appears that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is defying the Supreme Court. On Monday, March 18th the US Supreme Court put a temporary halt on Texas Senate bill 4 which authorized Texas law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants and effectively deport them. Abbott responded to the Supreme Court on X saying that Texas law enforcement would continue to arrest illegal immigrants for trespass and other violations of the law.

While it is good that Governor Abott is standing strong on the issue of illegal immigration, this is not a full throated defiance of the Supreme Court as many wish it was. Abbott is saying that while SCOTUS halted law enforcement from arresting illegal immigrants for illegal immigration alone, Texas law enforcement will still continue to use other laws as a pretext to arrest those criminally crossing the border or already in Texas. However it appears that Abbott and the Texas Legislatures gamble paid off and the Supreme court has since ended its temporary halt and allowed Senate Bill 4 to remain in effect!

This comes less than two months after the first standoff between Texas and the feds at Eagle Pass, specifically Shelby Park, where Texas Military erected razor wire to stop one of the main routes used for illegal immigration. The Supreme Court ruled that the feds had the authority to tear down the razor wire. In an act of moderate but still indisputably “legal” defiance Abbott simply ordered Texas forces to put the barriers back up after they were removed. Abbott released a statement claiming that the “federal government has broken the compact between the US and the States.” While no real confrontation occurred between Texas and Federal forces, this marked a dramatic shift towards a future conflict between the states and DC.

We remember that upwards of 25 states supported Texas’ action to secure the border and many sent National Guard or other law enforcement to aid in the operation. The level of support across these states sparked wide discussion about future operations this coalition could take to resist the feds in the future on a wide variety of issues. Of course this also boosted the calls for Texit (Texas Independence) as a Texas ruled from Austin instead of DC would quickly secure the border to the benefit of both Texans and Americans alike. Unfortunately the Texas GOP ignored its own rules and refused to put a Texit question on the Republican primary ballot.

It seems the Supreme Court made the correct choice and allowed Texas to take control of immigration law in a new way. DC made the right call this time (thanks again to Trumps nominees) but the direction the country is moving in is clear: the states will either reclaim even more of their sovereignty or the country as we know it will cease to exist.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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