Texas Prepares for Confrontation at Southern Border!

Members of patriot militias from all across the country are coming down and joining the Texas Military Department. The southern border is becoming a showdown between a rising red state-led alliance and Biden and his failed presidency.

– Texas is challenging the federal government’s authority by openly contesting boundaries and territorial jurisdiction.

– We are seeing countless signs of civil unrest and conflict within the US!

– Texas is charging forward in the patriot movement amid the potential for civil conflict in the United States.

Texas is challenging the federal government at the most basic level of political power. The modern state is a territorial power with boundaries, borders, and jurisdictions. When we begin to see these boundaries openly contested as we are now, a very real type of civil war is at hand. The current civil unrest we are facing is such that the power of the federal government is being challenged and contested by the states.

We appear to be seeing a fragmentation of DC’s power. Biden’s administrative state and its ability to effectively govern appears to be crumbling. Biden’s power is evaporating. Texas is  taking advantage of a massive loophole in the Supreme Court’s ruling. The Court ruled that the federal government had the right to dismantle the razor wire, but did not demand that Texas give them access or continue putting up more razor wire. Abbott is playing this cleverly and forcing Biden into a no-win situation. If Biden does nothing, he will be exposed as being a powerless weakling for the whole world to see. If he sends in troops and forces federal agents to dismantle the border, then he is seen as lawlessly insane.

Texas, in challenging the federal government’s territorial jurisdiction, is contributing to the federal government’s power fragmentation. The Texas independence movement is getting a huge boost as a result of the Supreme Court’s verdict. Oftentimes the centralized power fragments and states then declare their independence. Scholars of secession and state fragmentation have studied why some states fall apart. An example of this is the end of the 20th-century communist era. Communism failed the soviet union, but China and North Korea did not fragment.

The basic thesis that scholars are in wide agreement on is that states that fragments first collapse geopolitically before collapsing internally. They lose their international prestige, which causes them to lose their internal and domestic prestige. The loss of international power begins to affect the balance of internal power. The Biden administration has driven itself into the ground, and we are facing the very real possibility of domestic strife in the US. Texas is spearheading the patriot movement in this potential civil conflict America may be facing!

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