Texas Continues to DEFY Biden!

Chain link fence with razor wire.

If the Bumblin’ Biden administration thought that Texas Governor Greg Abbott was bluffing, then they are in for a very rude awakening! Texas is building a military base at the southern border in Eagle Pass. The Texas Military Department is already building a military base along 80 miles of the Rio Grande. This will house thousands of soldiers.

– Texas forces, led by Governor Abbott, continue to challenge federal forces and the Biden administration’s border policies.

– The Border Patrol Union expressed support for Texas’ Operation Lonestar.

– Red state governors like Abbott are taking decisive action without waiting for federal intervention, signaling a shift in power dynamics and a rise of state autonomy.

Texas forces continue to brutally challenge federal forces and the Biden administration. Many in the Border Patrol Union of the Biden administration have reportedly turned on Biden. They posted a message expressing their support for Abbott and Operation Lonestar. We are seeing that the Border Patrol Union supports this special operation. This is one of the most brazen acts against Bumblin’ Biden and shows how powerless he is becoming.

The standoff between Texas forces and Biden’s forces appears to be one sided. Texas forces have not given up an inch and are not allowing any federal agents or troops near the border. We have video of federal forces being turned away, and it seems like they are supportive because they do not try to confront these agents. Federal agents used to use Shelby Park as a processing center for illegal immigrants, but Texas agents took over this area and are refusing to allow anyone in.

We have a clear MAGA victory here. Our nation is becoming increasingly divided between red and blue counties. A study found that in 2008, 40% of land mass was made up of blue counties. As of today, blue counties are only 20% of land mass. We are seeing the left and right congregate more in the same counties. What we are seeing here with Texas is a MAGA nation rising within the country.

Scholars have noted that states that end up fragmenting internally first fragment outwardly and lose their international prestige which causes them to lose their internal power. What we saw in the soviet union was that their internal collapse was preceded by their collapse around their frontiers. Biden has been humiliating himself internationally which we have seen in Afghanistan and Ukraine. We may be seeing D.C.’s power on the global stage dwindling. The good news here is that we are seeing red state governors like Abbott no longer waiting for the federal government to get their act together, which does not happen. Texas is rising up and decisively crushing their opposition!

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