Tech CEO MURDERED as Leftist Cities Crumble!!!

Despite having gotten rid of their marxist, terrorist love child District Attorney Chesa Boudin, the city of San Francisco is still far from the road to recovery. Its crime ridden and homeless infested streets have now spilled into the nicest and most elite neighborhoods in the country. In what is ultimately a tragic story, founder of Cashapp, cryptocurrency guru, and former Square executive Bob Lee was stabbed to death in the early morning of April 4th 2023.

Lee was 43 years old and leaves behind a wife and two children. What is so startling about this case in particular is not just the high status of the victim but the location of the murder itself. This happened in Rincon Hill which has a median household income of almost $250,000 a year. Not exactly skid row. And as if this story didn’t demonstrate the decline of a once great city enough, video surveillance footage shows Lee approach an occupied parked car looking for assistance, lift his shirt to show his stab wounds, and yell for help, only for the car to drive away leaving him to die. Now one could denounce this individual as heartless and evil but unfortunately, social trust and cohesion is so low in San Francisco that it is hard to imagine anyone acting neighborly anymore.

This reminds me of a recent (viewer discretion advised) video out of Vancouver Canada showing a white father being stabbed to death by a recent Indian immigrant while a fellow resident sips his coffee in the background. Leftist and blue cities are reaching total collapse status, all while people flee to the thriving economies and safer streets of the south and inland northwest! Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, and others are all experiencing a rapid influx of blue state refugees that see stories like these and want nothing to do with it. States that have seen the most rapid decline have a noted theme of far left cities. New York, Illinois, Oregon, and Louisiana (don’t forget about the murder-tropolis that is Dem controlled New Orleans), and California (having slightly less dramatic decline due to our open border); while Florida, Idaho, and Texas have the most dramatic population increases. Is it really shocking that people don’t want to get murdered in the streets of supposedly safe neighborhoods?

As mentioned before San Francisco ultimately recalled and voted out Chesa Boudin who had hoped to basically abolish law enforcement in his jurisdiction altogether, but unfortunately other leftist cities are not learning similar lessons. The city of Chicago, having just denied Betelgeuse Lori Lightfoot another term as mayor, decided to elect the even farther left radical Brandon Johnson. Johnson is another one of these “abolish the police” race grifters who literally pitched his campaign as “black labor vs. white wealth”. Thousands of cops have pledged to resign if Johnson takes office so it looks like any chance of Chicago returning to its status as our beautiful Second City soon is slim. The great exodus from blue to red states will thus only continue.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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