Target’s Satanic Pride Collection Sparks OUTRAGE!

In preparation for Pride month, Target has released a new Pride product line available in stores now. This is not surprising as Target has released pride products in years past, and they were boycotted by many conservatives in 2016 over their transgender bathroom usage policy. 

Many conservatives continued to shop at Target, as many corporations partake in woke virtue signaling and propaganda. However, their most recent pride collection included much more extreme and concerning products that have caused outrage among conservatives. Target introduces pride swimsuits that include “extra crotch coverage” and “tuck friendly construction” for men who want to wear a woman’s bathing suit.

They have also partnered with a Satanist designer who has advocated for many destructive liberal ideologies. This person claims that Satan “loves you and respects who you are.”

These items contained many concerning statements like “Satan respects pronouns,” “trans witches for abortion,” and “heteronormativity is a plague.” These statements are not just supporting adults who choose to live in accordance with an LGBTQ+ lifestyle, but rather are promoting the ideas of Satan, witchcraft, abortion, and attacking heteronormativity. Many conservatives are calling for a boycott of Target in light of these extreme messages.

Furthermore, Target has added children’s items to its pride collection. This includes baby onesies that have pride colors, tags, and bear messages of pride.

Countless conservatives call to ban and boycott Target, specifically over the satanic partnership and children’s transgender clothing and swimwear. Many commentators have observed that conservatives may not be able to unite powerfully as they did for Bud Light on every company that goes woke with virtue signaling, so conservatives need to boycott strategically and over causes that unite conservatives to make a successful boycott. Conservatives are increasingly voicing their displeasure on Twitter over the alarming swimwear and anti-Christian and anti-straight messages that Target has promoted in this recent collaboration.

This may be a cause that conservatives can unite on in a similar way they have united against Bud Light. Bud Light has recently had to buy back cases of beer from wholesalers that have passed their expiration date. Bud Light has imploded in light of the crippling boycott conservatives united on. Target’s concerning partnerships are disappointing for people who want to be able to buy groceries in peace without having to deal with propaganda and obnoxious decor offending their values in the store.

We may see companies increase LGBTQ+ products and partnerships as “pride month” gets closer. As companies announce support for the LGBTQ+ community, conservatives will need to decide which companies they will continue supporting. Some companies change their profile picture on social media to include the rainbow to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. However, many leftists have said that this is offensive and just like “cultural appropriation.”

As the demand for corporations by leftists increases, conservatives will need to see how far companies decide to go in their “celebration of pride month” to appease the woke mob. Changing a profile photo but nothing else about a company’s operations and policies likely does little for the LGBTQ+ community, which it seems they are realizing as they seem to be rejecting this previous form of “support.” If companies follow the woke agenda and produce disturbing products, align completely with moral destruction, and aim LGBTQ+ marketing and products at children, hopefully, conservatives will stand up against this as they did with Bud Light and as many want to against Target. The conservative influence is strong, which we see in Bud Light’s desperation following the boycott. We all need to choose to stand FOR what is right and stand AGAINST what is wrong. Corporations need consumers, and many alternative companies do not actively promote such offensive and disturbing content where we can buy groceries, home goods, personal care items, video games or books, and whatever else one might like to get at Target.

Erin Casey is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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