Supreme Court Allows Texas to Keep Deporting Illegals!

In a stunning ruling, the Supreme Court has decided that the state of Texas has the right to defend its territorial sovereignty. We are going to look at this crushing blow for Bumblin’ Biden, along with the Democrats’ hysterical reaction, and a bombshell in the ongoing Fani Willis saga!

– The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Texas, granting local and state law enforcement the authority to arrest and deport individuals suspected of crossing the border illegally.

– Operation Lone Star, implemented by Texas, has led to a significant reduction in illegal border crossings.

– Despite a lower court issuing an injunction, Texas officials continue to enforce the law, with the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming their right to defend their territorial integrity.

In a humiliating defeat for the Biden administration, the Supreme Court last night ruled that Texas forces have the right to defend their territorial integrity by arresting anyone they suspect of having crossed the border illegally into Texas. In a stunning reversal of its original ruling that allowed the Biden administration to disregard immigration law, the Supreme Court has course-corrected, giving local and state law enforcement officials the authority to bring mass arrests, incarceration, and deportation.

This has been the latest humiliation that the Bumblin’ Biden administration has faced in the ongoing stand-off with Texas officials. For the last few months, Texas forces expelled federal officials from Eagle Pass and have refused to give up control of enforcing the border, despite an original ruling from the Supreme Court stating that they had to allow federal agents back in to remove the razor wire and other barriers Texas forces have put up. With the support of President Trump and 27 governors of red states, the Texas standoff has been a sign of growing defiance in America’s heartland against what’s perceived as a lawless and corrupt federal government.

In addition to Texas troops fortifying the border and actively making arrests, the New York Post just published that Texas is on track to build more of the border wall than Trump did. Texas has added upwards of 200 miles of border wall, razor wire, and fencing across their border in addition to the wall constructed under Trump’s administration. Here’s Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

There has been a dramatic reduction in illegal border crossings since Texas implemented Operation Lone Store some months back. Back in 2021, 70% of illegal immigrant arrests occurred at the southern border in Texas. Today, that number has more than halved, dropping to just 34%! According to the Supreme Court, these Texas officials don’t just have the power to arrest, they have the power to deport. They are doing the job of the federal government that has deliberately abdicated its law enforcement responsibilities under the Bumblin’ Biden administration.

Texas forces have the vast majority of the nation behind them in this. Illegal immigration and border security are the number one concern among voters for 2024. 70% of voters want the government to crack down and stop illegal immigration. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% of voters rank illegal immigration as the nation’s number one concern. The overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation. MSNBC ran the headline: ‘Supreme Court lets Texas carry out its bigoted immigration law.’ It’s now bigoted to enforce border laws according to the lunatics who’ve taken over MSNBC.

A lower court, obviously panicking over this, has issued an injunction blocking the Texas law from taking effect, even though the Supreme Court just ruled that it can. So obviously Governor Abbott and Texas officials are just laughing at that obvious act of desperation on the part of the lunatic libs. This shows that states’ rights are back. After they originally seemed to ignore the constitutional right that Texas has to defend itself, the Supreme Court has reversed course and is now, at least recognizing Texas’ right to territorial sovereignty. The federal government’s jurisdiction over immigration does not overrule a state’s right to defend its borders. We appear to be seeing state sovereignty making a comeback, which is very good news for the rising red state revolt against the insanity of our federal government.

The corrupt Fulton County DA Fani Willis just got some brutal news in her case of insane government corruption as well. The Trump legal team is now filing appeals in response to Judge McAfee’s insane ruling that determined that while both Willis and her boy toy Nathan Wade were corrupt, only one of them had to recuse themselves. It was a widely recognized controversial ruling, and Trump’s team is exploiting that, claiming that Wade’s recusal by itself does not fully address the issue of the appearance of impropriety in the state’s case.

Judge McAfee has ruled that the Trump team may appeal his decision to keep Fani Willis on and not disqualify her. That means that this isn’t over. Fani can find herself on the chopping block in the Georgia Court of Appeals. They’re going to review the decision made by Judge McAfee, and if they disagree, Fani Willis will find herself booted from this case. And this is precisely what legal experts predicted in all of this. Fani Willis may have survived Judge McAfee’s decision as to whether to remove her from the case, but the very fact that she was subject to such scrutiny is enough to cast a very dark shadow on this case as long as she’s associated with it.

This review of that decision to keep her on is just the beginning. Everything now about this case is going to be about her. Trump’s lawyers have successfully made Fani Willis the new centerpiece of this trial. Legal experts are arguing that this case won’t even end up going to trial until well after the November elections, thus thwarting its whole purpose in the first place. Things just keep going from bad to worse for Fani Willis, which only means that things are going that much better for our nation.

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