Steve Bannon and Alex Jones꞉ Trump Is Going To WIN In A LANDSLIDE!

Steve Bannon and Alex Jones are making a very bold prediction. They claim Donald Trump is going to win in a massive landslide come November, and they’ve got the receipts to prove it.

– Steve Bannon described a bona fide populist uprising on InfoWars.

– The GOP is becoming the “parent party,” exemplified by Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia.

– The GOP establishment is aligning around Trump due to his surge in polls and fundraising.

Steve Bannon was just on InfoWars. Bannon sees what’s happening here as a bona fide populist uprising. The defining characteristic of populism is the way it reconfigures the political binary. Populism is characterized by a distinctively vertical political antagonism as opposed to a horizontal one. Instead of polarizing politics horizontally, seeing the political animus between the left and the right, populism reconfigures that horizontal polarization vertically.

The animus is between the people vs the political class, the ruled vs rulers, and the ordinary American vs the oligarchy. Far from being opposed to democracy like the elite media are constantly claiming, populism IS democracy. It is the outworking of the rule of the people as opposed to a corrupt oligarchical elite. Bannon highlighted two aspects of that vertical animosity that’s rising. He talked about how the GOP is being transformed by parents who are rising at school boards to do the job their feckless representatives should be doing.

In the process, the Republican Party is becoming the parent party. We saw this with the Glenn Youngkin gubernatorial election in Virginia back in November of 2021. Youngkin won nearly 60% of those voters who were self-described as parents and who believed the Democrat Party had abandoned them, their kids, and their concerns. This shift alone has the potential of turning the GOP into one of the most massive political coalitions ever seen in American politics. This is changing the politics even in the bluest areas like San Francisco. A couple of years ago parents came out in droves in a recall effort to vote out 3 radical leftists on the San Francisco school board. All 3 radical leftists were voted out with 70% of the vote.

The second way we are seeing people rising now is seen in what Trump did at his rally in the South Bronx. Trump gave the same speech in the South Bronx as he would give in the single most rural areas of the country in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania! The MAGA movement is now going urban.

The legacy media deliberately tried to convince the nation that Trump’s rural rallies were racist, xenophobic, white supremacist dog whistles. Then he went to the Bronx and talked about the same issues of border security, economic security, and cultural security, which are the very issues that the legacy media tried so desperately to paint as racist and xenophobic. In front of an urban, largely non-white crowd, he talked the same way. The people went wild!

Bannon expressed that there’s no way of stopping this. With our current politics divided as the people vs the political class, there’s no limit to how massive the coalition of the people can become! Stigmatization was formerly used as a weapon against establishment Republicans. The problem here is that because we have been in an age of liberalism, liberals have had the moral high ground through institutionalized control, particularly of the legacy media. They effectively stigmatize Republicans into compliance.

The establishment GOP has been rendered effectively by the liberal left into controlled opposition. Mike Johnson, the current speaker, and virtually every Republican speaker except for Newt Gingrich have been perfect symbols of that controlled opposition against whom stigmatization has been effectively weaponized. What Bannon is saying here is true. The new MAGA movement wears stigmatization as a badge of honor.

Stigmatization can no longer be used as a weapon against a mass movement that no longer cares about being called racists, bigots, homophobes, or xenophobes. We have studies that show that stigmatization contributes to the growth of civilizational populism because more people see civilizational populism as an effective way of pushing back and rising against these feckless, pathetic liberals.

This is why the Robert DeNiro stunt at the Manhattan courthouse was such an embarrassing flop. All of this stigmatization that was so effective on the Republican establishment for so long now only serves to further steel the resolve of MAGA patriots who see stigmatization as a sign of weakness and fear on the part of the liberal left.

Both Bannon and Jones recognize that the GOP establishment is already making their moves to align themselves around Trump. It’s not just the fact that Trump is hauling in massive fundraising totals, it’s the fact that the likes of Nikki Haley and others are all beginning to align themselves around him. Never-Trumper media outlets like the New York Post, the Washington Examiner, and Fox are all publishing more pieces championing Trump, predicting he’s going to win in a blowout. All of that suggests that they are all seeing Trump surging in the polls, fundraising, and popularity in both the rural areas of the country as well as the urban areas of the country.

Both Bannon and Jones are warning Trump to not fall for the siren song of the establishment. They’re all on board because they don’t want to be rounded up with the rest of Trump’s enemies when he takes office. Trump needs to be steadfast in his war against the administrative state, which means he has to keep his back turned on the establishment. If he does all of that, there’s little question at this point that we’re looking at an epic win in November. Even the likes of Bannon and Jones are seeing it!

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