Spain Prepares for NATIONALIST WIN!

Dr. Steve breaks down the electoral/political situation in Europe as the Spanish right wing SURGES in recent elections with Turley Talks staff Writer Conrad Franz.

-The VOX Party continues to win seats in Spain as election loom in July!

-Spain is poised to have its first right wing government in decades!

-Western Europe and Europe in general is seeing nationalist SURGE like never before as the globalist system collapses!

Conrad: We’re seeing in Spain the Vox party, which you know in the past decade there was no right wing party in Spain because after Franco, the left just took over. They couldn’t have something like that on the continent, supposedly. Finally, we’re seeing the Spanish right come back with a vengeance. I would love to hear your kind of report on what’s really going on in Western Europe these days.

Dr. Steve: Yeah Sunday was amazing. I’m not going to get into whether Turkey is part of Europe or not haha. But I mean, what you saw happening in Turkey had its counterpart, or at least a comparable outcome in Spain as well. So yeah, the ruling Socialist Party there was dealt a massive blow in their regional elections. On Sunday they lost 11 of their 22 Big City Mayors, as well scores of seats in parliament. And two right wing parties, there’s a more center right party, Podemos, I’m sure quite how to pronounce it, but it’s translates as the Popular Party, they won 31% of the vote. But the real news was the surge with the Vox party! They tripled their seats and are now a major force in regional and national politics! And like you said they weren’t even around 10 years ago. I mean, Conrad, I remember people emailing me saying this about four, five years ago. I think it was right before the Andlusia election when they really just came to the fore, the Vox party, the voice of the people. But people were like: Oh, you’ve got to do something about this Vox party, and I did my research. The best poll I could find back then is they were pulling up .2%. They didn’t have a single seat, nothing. But, you know, people were really enthusiastic. I was like, guys, this isn’t a trend! But within one year they stormed parliament. And now they’re starting to hit 13, 14, 15, 18%! One of the fastest growing parties in Spain. And so the Prime Minister, socialist Pedro Sanchez, had no choice. The way it works in coalition based parliamentary systems, is if you get smashed in an election like that, you have to hold snap elections. They were gonna have national elections in December, but he moved him forward to July because, again, talking about being politically paralyzed, his government can’t do anything after election results like that. So I’ve been following Vox now for probably five, six years. They’re under the leadership of Santiago Abascal and they have grown in popularity like very few parties have done in that decade in Europe. And they’re poised now to basically rule Spain it’s astonishing. They’ve gone from .2% Support to being the fastest growing party in Spain. And most experts at this point would say that Podemos can’t win an outright majority in July so they’re going to need to coalition with their ideological, for lack of better way of putting it, partner and that would be Vox. So what we would see is we would see a nationalist populist coalition very similar to what we saw in Austria for a number of years, with the Freedom Party, linked up with the People’s Party, or what we’re seeing now in Sweden, with the Sweden Democrats linked up with the moderate party which is their center right party. But this means that the, the country that was supposedly immune to populism, Spain, like you said, is now going to have a bonafide nationalist populist government. They’ll join Italy, with the Brothers of Italy ruling there, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, and Flanders. The Freedom Party and the Vlaams Belang, their nationalist populist parties, are both polling far and away as number one in their respective countries.regions. So we should see Austria and Flanders join this group in the next few months. The AfD, the Alternative for Germany, Alternative for Deutschland are polling as the single most popular party in Eastern Europe. You’ve got Marine LePen and national rally polling as number one in France as Macron just imploded in the polls after more or less by dictate, raising the retirement age. National Rally has more seats in the French Parliament than ever before. They went from basically having seven seats to 80 seats in a single election. You’ve got Chega, the nationalist party in Portugal hitting 15%. Again, they were at like .5% just a year ago! We’re seeing the resurgence of nationalist populism in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, you name it, and now Spain so it’s astonishing stuff that’s going on all over the world. That’s something we as Americans are going to have to do: we’re gonna have to swallow our pride a little bit. We like to think we’re leading the world in that particular direction. Ironically, the world is gonna end up leading us because we’re number one when it comes to globalism. If you want to see what globalism looks like, look in the mirror, we all have to do it. Right. We are the apex of globalism, we are the biggest globalist power in the world, we are the biggest pushers of the liberal world order. And so we’re gonna be the last ones to join this, this new world. I mean, it looks really promising and amazing with Trump but as you can see, the powers that be are not going quietly into the night, that’s for sure.

Conrad: Totally, We talked about Erdogan and Assad and how we did think…well I don’t know if I would have bet against him because he is strong and he’s a really great politician but I knew the US was throwing the kitchen sink at him. And one of the other things that we’ve talked about before…Kilicdaroglu, Erdogan’s opponent the more liberal candidate had pledged so many things like fealty to NATO and the West and whatnot…Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou a Greek Orthodox hierarchy, a disciple of St. Paisios talked about how Erdogan could lose and things in the world start to get really bad. And I think that’s still ultimately what’s coming. When Erdogan falls Turkey will ultimately be brought back into the fold of globalism, he’s really the last one holding it back. But he managed to hold that back for another cycle which is very good, I think for the world. Because if he had lost I mean, Turkey turning against Russia on the Black Sea would have been not good to say the least.

Dr. Steve: St. Paisios prophecies that’s right. We bought another 5 years perhaps!

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