Soros Panics as Trump Win Means the DEFEAT of Globalism!

George Soros and his son Alex Soros, who now controls the Open Society Foundations, are panicking over Trump’s rising popularity. The younger Soros recently penned an op-ed for Politico where he openly warned his fellow woke leftists that Trump is poised to win 2024 and that could spell the beginning of the end of globalism!

– Alex Soros, the new head of the Open Society Foundations, has expressed concern about the possibility of Trump returning to power.

– The Open Society Foundations have recently announced a significant reduction in their operations within the European Union.

– Alex Soros is nervous that Trump’s presidency may disrupt the use of Ukrainian troops against Russia.

The 37-year-old Alex Soros, the new head of the vast network of NGOs known as the Open Societies Foundation is indeed sounding the alarm that the unthinkable for the woke left looks increasingly likely to come true: Trump is going to return to power!

Soros wrote the piece in response to several reports published over the last several weeks that the Open Society Foundations have announced that they are significantly reducing all operations in the European Union. In a letter sent out to their various funded organizations in Europe, OSF officials said “The new approved strategic direction provides for withdrawal and termination of large parts of our current work within the European Union, shifting our focus and allocation of resources to other parts of the world. OSF will largely terminate funding within the European Union, and further funding will be extremely limited.”

This move away from Europe is happening just weeks after it was reported that Soros’ Foundations were experiencing mass layoffs following the recent leadership transition to his son, Alex. In an emailed statement, the organization announced plans to cut almost half of its global workforce, and many have noted that these massive cuts, along with the withdrawal from the EU, all raise the question of the continued relevance and influence of Soros’ infamous plans for a new world order.

The biggest panic over this withdrawal is being felt in what’s left of leftist organizations in the nation of Hungary. With little to no funding from the Open Society Foundations, there’s no infrastructure to keep leftwing Hungarian organizations afloat, so there’s already some pretty significant ripple effects coming from this decision to withdraw from the EU. Alex Soros wrote this piece for Politico to try to assuage leftist fears that the Soros empire is not imploding, but they’re having to adjust HOW they operate to respond more effectively to a changing world! One of the ways that the world is changing is of course the return of Trump, and with it, the single biggest threat to the future of technocratic globalism imaginable.

Soros is openly worrying that a victory by President Trump—or eventually another “MAGA-style” candidate—would radically endanger European unity and deliver a blow to the globalist agenda. Soros is of course talking about the European Union, of which he is a major supporter, along with his father. George Soros was a rabid opponent of Brexit and did everything he could to try to thwart the passed referendum from being implemented. Alex is openly saying that Trump is poised to win, and if he wins, Soros believes that it will be WORSE for the EU than for the U.S. In his words, it will, ” imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on so many fronts in response to the war in Ukraine.”

Trump of course wants to end the conflict in Ukraine immediately. He has said he could end the whole thing in 24 hours, which is true. He would just have to cut off the funds and the weapons. The US is the only thing keeping Ukraine afloat, and that scenario is what’s freaking out Soros so much. In 1993, George Soros self-published a paper where he outlined his vision for a “New World Order” that would defeat the growing nationalist sentiments around the world while at the same time assuring technocratic globalism’s unending progress. What Soros argued is that were a nation like Russia to rise against globalism, we could use NATO’s technology and weapons together with Eastern European troops.

Soros recognized that Westerners had no stomach for the mass casualties that would inevitably result from a hot war with Russia, but Eastern European populations weren’t as weak when it came to casualties. Eastern European populations like Ukrainians could handle mass casualties in a way that Western nations couldn’t, so if you combined Nato weaponry and technology with Eastern European, now Ukrainian troops, Russia, globalism’s greatest enemy, could be taken down. It looks like Alex is getting very nervous that this plan to try to beat Russia by fighting to the last Ukrainian is going to come to an end with a Trump presidency.

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