Soros PANICS as Trump Set for 2024 LANDSLIDE!

The rambling mess we are seeing on the global stage is from none other than one Alex Soros, the son of billionaire ultra-leftist George Soros. Everyone, even the WEF, is beginning to see the Trump surge like never even imagined. The Deep State is panicking as we speak!

– Analysts and pundits agree that Donald Trump is in a strong position to win the 2024 presidential election in a blowout.

– Alex Soros acknowledges Trump’s commitment to ending the conflict in Ukraine, causing concern for those invested in maintaining the current situation.

– Despite Soros’s financial influence, it appears that Trump’s lead and momentum in the 2024 election are challenging the impact of external funding.

Several articles are coming out recognizing that there is a very real, palpable fear overwhelming the deep state and our permanent political class, a growing realization that Donald J. Trump is indeed poised to win the 2024 election in an absolute blowout. Pundits and analysts from both sides of the aisle are in common agreement. Donald J. Trump is today in a far stronger position to win the presidency than he has ever been. Trump is now leading Biden in every battleground state.

It is not just that Trump is crushing Biden at the national level. He is beating him at the state level. Trump is up 10 in North Carolina, 8 in Nevada, 8 in Georgia, 5 in Wisconsin, 5 in Michigan, 3 in Pennsylvania, and 3 in Arizona. This kind of dominance is freaking out the likes of George Soros, and his bumbling incoherent son. Alex Soros, who now controls the Open Societies Foundation, recently penned an op-ed for Politico where he openly warned his fellow woke leftists that a victory by President Trump appears to be imminent. He said that would radically endanger European unity and deliver a blow to the globalist agenda.

Soros is talking about the European Union of which he is a major supporter, along with his father. George Soros was a rabid opponent of Brexit and did everything he could to try to thwart the referendum from being implemented. But Alex is openly saying that Trump is poised to win, and if that happens, Soros believes that it will be worse for the EU than for the U.S. In his words, it will “imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on so many fronts in response to the war in Ukraine.” Trump wants to end the conflict in Ukraine immediately. He said he could do the whole thing in 24 hours, which is true. He would just have to cut off the funds and the weapons.

We are the only thing that’s keeping Ukraine afloat, and that scenario is freaking out Soros so much here. There are numerous reports that George is pumping millions of dollars to try to flip Texas blue. George saw an opportunity several months ago to influence the Lone Star state with millions voting for Biden over Trump. Unfortunately for George, Trump is currently leading Biden in Texas by double-digits. It is the biggest lead he has ever had over Biden.

His average lead over Biden in 2020 in the state of Texas was 5 points. It does appear that history is passing the Soroses’ by, as are some of his old associates. Many of them are jumping ship. The latest is Scott Bessent, a former Soros Fund Management investing chief, who is publicly stating that he’s betting on what he’s calling a ‘Trump Rally’, which is a surge in the market based on the fact that investors start to overwhelmingly believe that Trump is going to win the general election. This former Soros associate is betting on a market surge this year because he believes investors will believe that Trump is going to trounce Biden. As influential as the Soroses’ money has been in the past, it does appear that all the money in the world isn’t going to change the outcome for 2024!

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