-This is it. Biden could be going to jail

-Miranda Devine has discovered the biggest bombshell yet from the laptop from hell!

-It directly relates to the documents hidden in Brandon’s Corvette!

We found it! It really looks like we’ve found the smoking gun, the whole reason why Biden brought home classified documents, it explains everything, and it’s going to shock you!

Miranda Devine of the New York Post is taking her relentless investigative reporting to a whole new level, exposing BOMBSHELL new information on what Biden was really doing with the stashed documents! We all found out that a fifth tranche of documents was discovered last Friday in Biden’s Wilmington home, just 20 minutes away from where I am, bringing the total now to 30 classified documents, 30 documents that Biden illegally removed from secure locations while vice president as well as senator. But now Miranda Devine appears to have uncovered, at least in part, what Biden was DOING with those documents, and what’s so awesome here is we’re seeing how the Car-a-Lago scandal overlaps perfectly with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal!

Remember, Miranda Devine is the one who originally broke the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the story that Big Tech, in collusion with the FBI, censored and suppressed! But now, of course, the laptop from hell continues to haunt and ‘possess’ the news, there’s no getting away from it, that’s the problem with truth, it always has a way of winning in the end! Well, Miranda Devine went back to the emails on Hunter’s laptop and discovered a very interesting email written around the time Hunter would have had access to the classified documents that were scattered all over their Wilmington home, including, of course, the garage! And here’s what she found: This is a screenshot of a very strange email, it’s dated April 13, 2014 a week before Joe Biden visited Ukraine to meet with the prime minister there at the time. If I recall, this was the puppet prime minister that figures like Victoria Nuland at the US State Department set up after the Maidan Revolution that was itself orchestrated by John Bolton types in the Deep State.

What Miranda found was, frankly, baffling; it consists of 22-points outlining the Ukrainian political situation, with extraordinarily detailed information about the upcoming election there and predicting an escalation of a Russian destabilization campaign. It lists out concerns about how such would affect the UK and sanctions that the US was most likely going to levy against Russia. When compared with Hunter’s other emails, there’s simply no other correspondence like this; it’s wholly unique, it reads just like an intelligence report, replete with extraordinary strategic detail! Here’s Miranda on Tucker Carlson last night:

So there you can see the very harrowing situation that’s arising from this ongoing discovery of documents and how it relates to Hunter’s laptop. The working thesis here is that Hunter accessed the classified documents and shared that classified intelligence with the executives over at Burisma, which was a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, so that they would end up placing Hunter on their board and pay him a million dollars a year for basically doing nothing, just being an asset! So THEN, the question is whether Joe knew that?!? How much did Joe know that this was going on, did Joe intentionally bring back those documents to help Hunter land the job? Did Joe write the email?!? Apparently it bears no resemblance to the thousands of other emails sent by Hunter, so who wrote it? Or, even worse, did Joe help funnel the money into Ukraine that would end up in Hunter’s wallet?

I think Miranda found the smoking gun here; I think she found where this propensity to bring home classified documents converged with the laptop from hell! Joe as vice president visits Ukraine with all of this aid, paid for by the US taxpayer, to supposedly help make them ‘energy independent’ all the while one of the companies that receives that aid, paid for by the US taxpayer, turns around and funnels it back to Biden’s son to the tune of a million dollars a year! Clearly this is something that the recently appointed Special Counsel Robert Hur is going to have to look into, and it may end up being the very reason for BOTH Joe and Hunter Biden’s fall!