Scott Adams is getting canceled and Elon Musk is coming to his defense! We’re going to see precisely what’s going in all of this, and how it all absolutely demonstrates that the days of leftist liberalism are indeed coming to a decisive end!

-Scott Adams WENT OFF on anti white hatred in the US!

-He didn’t mince words and the legacy media is coming for him!

-Elon Musk wasn’t having it!

The cultural commentator Scott Adams, who’s originally and best known as the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, is in some serious hot, woke waters today! In his February 22nd video, Adams responded to a recent Rasmussen poll, a very edgy poll, that asked the question: ‘Is it ok to be white?’ And in responding to that poll, 53 percent of blacks said ‘yes, it’s ok to be white’, but Adams took issue with the other 47 percent, who apparently do not think it’s ok to be white, to which he said this:

Now those comments have since provoked a fire storm among newspapers that carry the Dilbert cartoon, virtually all of which announced that they were canceling the Dilbert comic strip in response to what they considered Adams’ “blatantly racist” comments. And now, in what is perhaps the biggest repercussions of such comments, his distributor, Andrews McMeel Universal, announced that they are indeed cutting ties with Adams, thus officially ending the national syndication for the Dilbert comic strip! Now, the controversy hardly ends there! Now Elon Musk is weighing in on it, and ratcheting up the provocation! He tweeted out, in defense of Adams: ‘it’s actually the media that is racist! And he went on: ‘For a *very* long time, the US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians. Same thing happened with elite colleges & high schools in America. Maybe they can try not being racist.’

Now, obviously it would appear that Musk is referring primarily to affirmative action measures, which he sees as discriminatory against whites and Asians, particularly in college admission standards! But more broadly, Musk is raising the issue of what’s widely called today ‘reverse discrimination’ which is generally defined as the dispositional prejudice and social exclusion of the dominant ethnicity! One of the widely recognized characteristics of modern liberal society is of course what is known as multiculturalism. Now the term implies, of course, the equal inclusion of multiple cultures in any given liberal civic society! In other words, liberal societies are not unicultural, they are multicultural; and yet, it is also widely recognized that that’s NOT what multicultural societies are. It’s not merely a matter of multiple cultures equally participating in civic society; multiculturalism often if not always works itself out in a very noticeable and ironic cultural disproportionality! The problem is that multiculturalism generally enjoins minority groups to celebrate their ethnicity, for example, today we have Black History Month, at the Super Bowl we had the performance of a so-called Black National Anthem. Regardless of what one thinks of this, the key is that certain groups, minority groups, are encouraged to be radically ethno-centric and celebrate their cultural uniqueness, all the while the dominant ethnic group is afforded no such luxury. The dominant ethnic group is not merely discouraged from celebrating their ethnicity; they’re outright forbidden from doing so! And so this ethno-cultural asymmetry, or as some would put it, inequality is provoking its own backlash, precisely what we call the populist backlash, that’s happening within liberal societies all over the West!

This is precisely why a number of scholars are arguing that it is liberalism itself that is unraveling right before our very eyes! I kid you not, we’re going to see exactly why liberalism is indeed coming to an end as we speak! Professor Carol Swain, who is herself black, authored a very large and substantial study literally 20 years ago that predicted, in many respects, precisely this kind of backlash. She noticed that back in 2002, so she’s way ahead of the curve here, she noted that what she called the new white nationalism is different from the white nationalists of the past who considered white people to be biologically and genetically superior to non-whites. The new white nationalists, as she calls them, instead, are motivated, get this, civil rights! They’re making the case that the current project of multiculturalism is unfairly and arbitrarily discriminating against white people and white interests on behalf of non-white constituents whose interests are taking a priority in terms of national policy. In other words, as Swain puts it, if blacks get to vote their political interests, and latinos get to vote their political interests, and Asians get to vote their political interests, and so on, then why on earth can’t whites vote on behalf of their own political interests? What she was calling the new white nationalism was not motivated so much by overt racism ———-but rather it’s being provoked by what more and more whites perceive as deliberate discrimination against them simply because they happen to be white. And Professor Swain’s work has been corroborated of late by a relatively recent study that found that more than half of white Americans believe that “whites have replaced blacks as the ‘primary victims of discrimination’.”

But all of this goes even deeper! You see, a number of scholars are recognizing that all of this racial polarization is actually indicative of the collapse of liberalism itself! As we’re all witnessing firsthand, as it were, liberal multicultural societies provoke unsustainable levels of lowering social trust. Studies are showing that societies that are basically unicultural, that is, united by a single dominant culture, tend to foster high degrees of social trust, while societies that are basically multicultural, characterized by the issues we’ve been discussing, tend to exemplify rather low levels of social trust! A very interesting study came out of Sweden that surveyed interpersonal trust among the Swedish population between the years 2014 and 2017, before and after the refugee crisis of 2015, when Sweden received per capita the most amount of refugees. The study found that the confidence and faith that Swedes had in their neighbors, as it were, which is a key gauge of social trust, decreased significantly in 20 of 33 municipalities, that’s 60 percent of their municipalities, and the study found a very clear converse relationship, in that the more the refugees in a particular municipality, the lower the trust! Now what does all of this mean? It means, in many respects, that unless liberal multicultural societies can reverse this implosion in social trust, their days are numbered!

Liberalism as a political reality is coming to an end! Liberal society is simply going to unravel, with no viable social trust mechanism to prevent the inevitable balkanization! Interestingly, this is precisely where civic nationalism comes in, the very civic nationalism most notably touted by the MAGA movement, or in Russia that has over a hundred ethnicities but a single Orthodox Russian culture that binds the population together; so it’s going to be fascinating to see how all of this plays out, but needless to say, I think the jig is up; the days of liberalism are inevitably coming to an end!