Russia STANDS WITH Niger as They Reject Ultimatum to Restore Old President!

The new leader of the nation of Niger, General Tchiani, just led a highly successful coup to remove their president Mohamed Bazoum. However, many have observed that many Russian flags were flying in their Nigerien stadium. Why are people celebrating Russia right along with this coup?

– Niger is facing a critical situation after a military coup ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, prompting neighboring nations to consider a military intervention to restore him to power.

– The Wagner Group, initially associated with Russian paramilitary forces, has offered assistance to Niger and is reportedly sending forces to bolster the country’s defenses.

– African countries are increasingly finding solidarity with Russia’s traditionalist values compared to the woke influence from the West.

The nation of Niger is on a knife’s edge. Just days ago, members of the Nigerien military staged a coup ousting their president Mohamed Bazoum, who was elected two years ago in Niger’s first democratic transfer of power since they gained independence from France in August of 1960. They are now facing the possibility of a military intervention by a coalition of neighboring nations. The Economic Community of West African States put forward an ultimatum to Niger: either restore President Bazoom to power, or they will take matters into their own hands, which of course includes the threat of military intervention.

The deadline for the president’s return to power has now passed, and they remain defiant. They have now closed the nation’s airspace until further notice, citing the threat of military intervention. Along those lines, the nations of Mali and Burkina Faso, also ruled by Juntas, expressed their solidarity with Niger. They’ve sent officials to the country, openly declaring that an attack on Niger is an attack on them all. Perhaps the most fascinating development in all of this is that the army that may be fighting any military intervention in Niger isn’t from Africa at all. It’s being widely reported that the Wagner Forces are on their way to Niger to help bolster their defenses. The day following the coup, Wagner’s charismatic leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, openly celebrated the coup and offered the assistance of the Wagner forces, an offer that it appears the military leadership in Niger is taking him up on. Prigozhin said that Wagner could restore order and help eliminate terrorists to protect the Nigerien population.

What is so interesting about this offer is that it amplifies what scholars have noted to be the growing internationalization of Wagner forces. What is surprising to many is the realization that Wagner isn’t just a paramilitary organization specific to Russia and Russian forces; Wagner has gone global. It’s a global force dedicated to helping to topple governments that they see as puppets of the woke West and that stand in the way of a new, conservative, traditionalist civilizationalist world rising.

What’s happened is that Prigozhin has established a complex global network of affiliated companies, especially in the continent of Africa. These affiliates go beyond mere military exploits. One project that Wagner supports is called Magadon, which is an opinion-influencing campaign that seeks to debunk and denigrate NATO talking points throughout Europe, Mexico, and Africa. As we can see, it seems to be working. Many African nations are beginning to turn their backs on the woke West because they see wokeness as an extension of colonialism. It’s the attempt by Western powers to impose a radically immoral system that was devised in the West and is being dictated to the African continent. Populations are revolting like never before.

What Wagner affiliates are tapping into here is a massive trend that’s exploding throughout the African continent, a powerful populist movement known as pan-Africanism, where more and more African leaders are calling for the expulsion of European political and cultural influences left behind from their colonial period, and are seeking instead to cultivate a uniquely African civilizational world. This presents an incredibly vibrant movement that Western globalist elites are beginning to get very concerned about, especially in terms of the attraction of the movement toward the rising neo-Orthodox civilizational state of Russia.

Russia is seen as a model for how a nation can rebuild itself into what scholars call a civilization state. Russia is successfully expanding its influence base, not on political demands. They are not seeking to influence by making these states more politically liberal. Russia is spreading its influence through a common attraction to civilization and cultural conservatism. Cultural conservatism is the wave of the future, particularly on the two largest continents on the planet.

Russia’s emphasis on traditional moral values and the centrality of religion in civic life, together with its resistance against Western colonialism, has made Russia a powerful ally for the rising retraditionalism that’s permeating the African continent. Africans are increasingly seeing themselves far more in solidarity with the traditionalist vision of the world coming out of Moscow than the absurd woke world coming out of DC and Brussels. That solidarity may translate into a very active military alliance.

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