Despite the insistence from the US government and mainstream media that the US is not a direct party to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia has just shot down a hi-tec MQ-9 Reaper drone very close to Crimea in the Black Sea. Footage has since been posted showing Russian jets performing evasive maneuvers around the drone and dumping fuel. It seems that some of the dumped fuel bent one of the drones propellers, causing it to eventually crash into the sea. Here is that video as well as details:

After the incident the US reportedly requested recovery assistance from its Romanian allies, demonstrating that this was quite close to Russian territory, within 40 miles of the Crimean city of Sevastopol. The US has since admitted that the drone was on a reconnaissance mission but would not comment on if it had weapons. The Russians were able to get to the wreckage site first and claimed that the drone violated “borders established by Russia for conduct of the Special Military Operation.” The recovery of this drone is actually quite a big deal as the US leads the world in these large predator drones and certain technologies remain unproliferated. US National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said it was a”priority” that the Russians not obtain the wreckage. Of course Lindsey Graham and other neocons are calling for war. Using the $32 million deceased drone as a casus belli to get more Americans, Russians, and Ukrainians killed.

This all comes amidst crippling losses for Ukraine on the battlefield as well as China moving closer and closer to explicitly supporting the Russian Special Military Operation. Russian public opinion as well as that of the government has also shifted farther away from supporting negotiations. As Zelensky and his western sponsors arrest priests and attempt to expel monks en masse from their ancient monastic homes, the war is becoming more civilizational by the day! Dr. Steve broke this down fantastically in one of his latest videos:

These Reaper drones have become the hallmark of American power overseas, especially since Obama. The mass deployments of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the midst of their unpopularity, gave way to mass amounts of drones patrolling the skies of our subjects overseas as we enforced liberal hegemony. In Syria, Libya, Somalia, as well as Iraq & Afghanistan Obama and his neoliberal apparatchiks conducted an unprecedented amount of drone strikes. We have seen drone warfare take on new angles in the Ukrainian war, even seen hi-tec drone downing radio weapons deployed in certain sectors:

As the US experiences uncertainty with bank collapse and the petrodollar is in more danger than ever before, the hegemony of globalist institutions seems to truly be waning! Multipolarity is rising whether the regime in DC likes it or not!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks