Russia & China Joining Forces Against NATO?!

Russian president Vladimir Putin is issuing his most dire warnings yet, but will the US and NATO listen? We’re going to see the latest coming from the Kremlin, and we’re going to see how China is playing a role in all of this that promises to permanently sideline the likes of Biden and other Western liberals for the foreseeable future!

-Russia and China are forming an alliance!

-The US is not strong enough to take on both at once

-Will the woke State Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff heed Putin’s warning?

Russia has issued some of its most severe threats yet, stating that the US and NATO were to back off from their involvement in Ukraine or face what a Russian spokesman called quote ‘catastrophic consequences.’ Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva that: “the most acute strategic threat is posed now by the U.S. and NATO policy aimed at further fomenting the conflict in and around Ukraine…Their growing involvement in an armed confrontation is fraught with a direct military clash of nuclear powers with catastrophic consequences.” Now all of this is happening as Belarusian president and staunch Putin ally Alexander Luakshenko is making an official state-trip to Beijing to formalize defense and economic alliances with China. The trip is being seen by many as a major development in the rise of Eurasian economic and military might, with Chinese President Xi declaring China and Belarus have what he calls an unbreakable friendship! The Biden administration sees the trip as having a far more nefarious intention than just strengthening military and economic ties between the two nations: they’re accusing China of funneling weapons to Russia through Belarus, an accusation that drew swift rebuke by Chinese officials who quickly called out such a charge as utterly hypocritical:

That was an official Chinese spokesperson in effect saying that the US has no right to attack China-Russia relations all the while they’re arming Kiev to the teeth! In other words, if the United States thinks they can arm Ukraine with hundreds of billions of dollars-worth of weapons but then tell other nations that arming Russia is forbidden, they’re living in a dream world! And to me, THAT is the most significant development to come out of what’s been going on these last few days! China, Russia, Belarus, they are all collectively declaring for all to hear that this world is not run by the United States anymore! We have to understand that this is something that the rest of the world is saying quite openly now! Remember, for 30 years, after the Soviet Union collapsed, officially, in December of 1991, the Cold War Era, the standoff between the two major world powers of the United States and the Soviet Union, came to an end. And as a result, the world order went from what’s called a bi-polar world, where there were two major superpowers contesting for dominance, to what’s called a unipolar world, with the United States as the sole super-power on the planet, and as a result, that unipolar world ushered in what’s called the liberal international order. That’s because the most powerful state in the world was a liberal democratic state, and we purposely and deliberately sought to make the world in our own image; we wanted all nations to become liberal democracies, embrace liberal values, be a part of the same institutions like the WTO and the IMF, and all have the same goals! 

What we have to understand is that THAT world, that unipolar world where the United States functions as the sole superpower that gets to basically right the rules for everyone else, is dead! That world is no more! Scholars widely recognize that we today live in an emerging multipolar world, with multiple world powers! China is fast rising into a major world power, and are in the process of building a military second-to-none in size and scope! At the same time, Russia has actively decoupled itself from the West, creating its own parallel world, what scholars are increasingly calling a civilization state. Indeed, both Russia and China are actively engaged and reawakening their ancient imperial civilizational spheres together, in such a way that is in turn reawakening a multi-polar world! The unipolar world headed by the United States, the very world that became the essence of Davos, is officially dead! A new multi-polar world of multiple global powers has risen! 

The problem that we seem to be facing today, at least in part, is that the United States and NATO act as if that old discarded unipolar world still exists! They act like they’re the only act in town, and that radical miscalculation is ratcheting up the possibility of a major confrontation, which is precisely what this Russian official is warning about! And to put some real teeth behind this, it’s now been announced that President Xi, who really is more akin to an emperor at this point, serving out what may end up being a lifetime appointment, will be traveling to Moscow on an official state visit. In fact, this is being put forward as one of the reasons why Russian forces have yet to be unleashed in Ukraine; the visit is being touted as a major summit between the two rising powers who are even now remaking the world order. And again, there’s nothing the US or NATO can do about it; in fact, Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, just openly declared that there was no major world issue or problem that could be resolved without the active participation of China! It’s a new world that’s rising, one that the Dolts in DC and the Bullies in Brussels can either learn to adapt to, or increasingly find themselves on the sidelines!