Ronna McDaniel OUT at RNC!

Vivek’s recent brutal and viral takedown of Ronna McDaniel served as a call to arms for all grassroots patriots to storm the castle and purge our party of establishment rot like Ronna and other RINOs! Countless conservative patriots stopped showing support for the RNC and Ronna McDaniel, and we are seeing the success of our efforts in her resignation! We are the power and the rising force of the new patriot-led GOP, and this party is slowly but surely changing for the better as a result!

– Ronna McDaniel is stepping down as RNC chair after the South Carolina primary!

– McDaniel was criticized for lavish spending, including $1.5 million on floral arrangements, contributing to a decline in donations to the RNC.

– Her resignation marks a shift in GOP leadership amid calls for reform and more effective allocation of resources.

We got the bombshell announcement last night. The RNC’s most disastrous chairman, Ronna McDaniel, will be stepping down from her position after the South Carolina primary just days from now. This resignation was expected. President Trump, in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, suggested that there would indeed be changes at the RNC:

This was just a couple of days ago. We began to see the writing on the wall the very next day after that interview. Trump met with McDaniel at Mar-a-Lago, and already rumors were swirling that her days as RNC chairman were numbered. It’s official now that she is finally stepping down! A major factor in this was likely her role in losing Virginia back in November. Republicans came within just a few thousand votes to win both the Senate and the House of Delegates in Virginia in the off-year election, but Ronna McDaniel refused to give them the money they needed.

The amazing get-out-the-vote Republican activist Scott Pressler confirmed that McDaniel refused to help. The Republican Party of Virginia requested money from the RNC. They saw the opportunity to win the state, but McDaniel rejected that request. When she was confronted with that, here’s what she had to say:

She said that Virginia Republicans are to blame because they turned down money from the RNC. This is utterly unbelievable. Who would turn down free money? Red State published a bombshell report revealing how the RNC has been blowing cash out of the wazoo. Ronna was caught spending millions of dollars on lavish perks like private planes, limos, and luxury retreats. We found out that she spent 1.5 million dollars on floral arrangements. It’s no wonder that with her losing record and reports of her squandering millions the RNC ran out of money.

Donations dried up to a 10-year low in 2023. This is because of patriots who refuse to donate to a party that neglects the people it is supposed to represent and advocate for! We brought this organization to its knees! They are now starting to clean house and purge the leadership of the likes of Ronna McDaniel. Now the big question is: who is going to replace her?

Some are pushing Kevin McCarthy, and one of the major proponents of McCarthy is shockingly Matt Gaetz! The logic here is that no one can raise money like McCarthy. Gaetz also points out that the RNC doesn’t make any policy decisions or set the agenda, so McCarthy would be ‘harmless.’ However, the RNC chair can decide what candidacies to fund and which ones to starve, and we all know who McCarthy will side with! He would just be a Ronna 2.0.

The amazing GOP activist Scott Presler’s name is trending on Twitter. He would be outstanding! But the big name circulating right now is Michael Watley, who heads the amazingly successful North Carolina GOP. They achieved a supermajority in their last statewide elections. He is a supporter of Trump and he was calling out the shenanigans in the 2020 election. Reports are that Trump is going to throw his support behind him. We have forced another RINO out of the Republican establishment by holding our ground, withholding our funds, and demanding change! Hopefully, we will see a candidate that we can support nominated next for this job!

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