Ron DeSantis Teases Run for Candidacy Backed By Elon Musk!

It’s being widely reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is going to announce his candidacy for president of the United States on Twitter alongside Elon Musk.

– Tensions rise as Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump prepare to compete for the 2024 nomination.

– Elon Musk’s support for DeSantis signals a potential shift of disaffected Democrats toward the Republican Party!

– The key question remains whether DeSantis can win over the counties that voted for Trump in crucial swing states.

This commercial was a bit of a tease for his future announcement. President Trump also dropped a response video on his Truth Social.

It looks like the tensions are building and these two candidates will begin competing for the 2024 nomination. Ron DeSantis could be doing what Chris Christie did in 2012 when there was a lot of fanfare and support surrounding a presidential campaign announcement that he was speculated to make from the Reagan Library. Everyone thought he was going to announce his presidential candidacy, and he didn’t. His political career, except his reelection in Jersey, went downhill from there. Now he’s just considered by most to be another establishment hack.

This is going to be Ron DeSantis’ challenge. There are several interesting things about DeSantis’ announcement. The first is his choosing Twitter as his announcement platform, assuming that he’s announcing tonight. Some have suggested that this is a sign of his weakness. They think he’s choosing Twitter for his announcement because he may have concerns about drawing a large in-person crowd. A recent event in Iowa that DeSantis attended only attracted around 300 attendees. This actually may be a sign of weakness.

Musk being there helps out, I think. With Musk’s support, DeSantis is showing that he represents the next generation of Republicans that can attract a wide swath of support among disaffected Democrats. This was part of the success behind Trump’s win in 2016. Nearly 200 counties in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan that had voted for the Democrat presidential candidate in every election since 1984 suddenly swung over and voted for Trump, often by upwards of a 20-point margin.

This was all part of a massive defection from the Democrat Party of blue-collar manufacturing workers, factory workers, who have historically voted exclusively Democrat but who defected in droves to vote for Trump. Many are now wondering whether Elon Musk represents a comparable defection. Musk never voted for a Republican before the last election. He openly admitted he voted for Biden. He now says he supports Republicans in the current climate of the parties and he supports Ron DeSantis.

The question is whether the Musk defection represents a wider defection. Could we see something like Bill Maher voting Republican for the first time as well? Are we seeing a pattern of disaffected center-left liberals who hate all things woke rallying around DeSantis rather than the Democrats? DeSantis is simply not going to be able to recalibrate disaffected Democrats around the Republican Party in any way comparable to the way Trump did so with white blue-collar workers, Latinos, and black men. That’s a huge problem because it points to a key contradiction in DeSantis’ candidacy.

The fundamental contradiction that I fear is going to plague Ron DeSantis’ campaign is that on one hand, he’s trying to run as a populist anti-establishment candidate while being backed by the Republican establishment on the other. He’s trying to run as the successor to MAGA, on a record of destroying wokeness and dismantling the liberal establishment in Florida which is great, but he’s being thoroughly and aggressively backed by the very Republican establishment that has provoked the populist backlash in the first place.

It’s worth noting that DeSantis has garnered support from all the notable establishment globalists like Reid Hoffman, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and most especially the guy who just fired Tucker Carlson, Rupert Murdoch. The entire Fox Corporation and the New York Post and National Review, all Republican donor shills, and all thoroughly Republican establishment media outlets are shamelessly pushing DeSantis.

It’s being widely reported that allies for Ron DeSantis are amassing upwards of $200 million to defeat Trump in the 2024 presidential race. The plan involves an extensive voter outreach push, hiring numerous field organizers, securing endorsements, running ads, and organizing coalitions in various states. It’s all being orchestrated by a super PAC called Never Back Down.

This is an establishment Republican ilk, and they’re projecting to amass a budget of at least $200 million. The fundamental question is whether anything that DeSantis does can win those 200 counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that voted for Trump twice. Are blue-collar Democrats going to be impressed with an Elon Musk-backed candidate? We may win over a couple of Bill Maher types but lose those 200 counties that a Trump candidacy guarantees. Can establishment-backed candidates win the anti-establishment vote? This seems unlikely. We will have to see how this plays itself out. At this point, it doesn’t look like DeSantis has much of a chance here with this contradiction plaguing his candidacy.

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