RINO Efforts Collapse as MAGA Forces Take Over GOP!

Several establishment RINOs are announcing their retirement while their efforts at ousting George Santos have imploded! With the Gaetz 8 taking out McCarthy and voting in Mike Johnson as speaker, we do appear to be seeing a full take over of the GOP by American First patriots!

– Two more Republican representatives, Ken Buck and Kay Granger, have decided not to seek reelection.

– Establishment RINOs have been attempting to regain control of the Republican Party since January 6th.

– The GOP has experienced a shift towards anti-globalist, pro-nationalist, and pro-populist positions, marking a transformation and decline of the RINO establishment.

The 25 Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan for speaker, have begun to dwindle. Two more RINOs are officially gone. The rabidly anti-Trump Ken Buck of Colorado has announced he won’t be seeking reelection. Texas Republican Kay Granger, who also repeatedly blocked Jim Jordan, is retiring as well.

They both knew they were going to get Cheneyed in their respective primaries. They were going to be humiliated by whoever their primary challengers were. There were also many ridiculous efforts by some pathetic House Republicans to try to vote New York Republican George Santos out of office. 20 Republicans tried to oust one of our own, but it all once again blew up in their faces. They also failed in their efforts to impose the ultra-establishment Tom Emmer as speaker on us.

Ever since January 6th, establishment RINOs have desperately been trying to take back control of the Republican Party. We have also seen the embarrassing efforts by Liz Cheney to try to steal the party away from the MAGA base. We saw how those pathetic efforts worked out for her. Cheney was crushed by Harriet Hagemann, the Trump-endorsed primary challenger. Hagemann won the Republican primary in Wyoming with nearly 70% of the vote.

Cheney was the fourth pro-impeachment House Republican to get primaried out. The other six, like Adam Kinzinger, were too cowardly to face reelection and decided to retire. Despite Cheney’s humiliation, RINOs continued in their efforts to disparage President Trump and the MAGA movement. The new leader that emerged in that effort was of course Mitt Romney, and when he had to finally face his own Utah voters, this is the reception he got:

He has since announced that he will also not be seeking reelection in 2024. Even at state levels, the RINO wing of the party tried to reassert their dominance. In May, Attorney General Paxton was impeached by the Bush wing of the Republicans in the Texas House. These charges were brought against Paxton after he started investigating the FBI for corruption. That impeachment by the Texas state house over memorial day weekend was based entirely on hearsay.

His attorneys during the senate trial put on a masterclass of deconstructing fake charges devoid of any semblance of evidence! In the end, all but two Texas senate Republicans voted to acquit Paxton on all 16 sham charges. The era of the RINO Republican is gone.

We are seeing a monumental shift for the GOP, which has officially turned its back on the aristocratic cosmopolitan liberal Republicanism of the permanent political class and has officially become a thoroughly anti-globalist, pro-nationalist, pro-populist working-class party. It has been an astonishing and decisive transformation. The Karl Rove wing of the party is officially dead, and more of these RINO establishment hold outs are calling it quits. By 2024, it looks like the MAGA takeover of the GOP will finally be complete!

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