RFK Is HURTING Biden in Polling!

We now know who Robert Kennedy Jr’s presidential campaign is hurting the most. We’ve got the latest polls to show why things are going from bad to worse for Bumblin’ Biden!

– RFK Jr’s independent candidacy is benefiting Trump in national and swing state polls, with Trump’s lead increasing significantly when RFK Jr is included.

– Trump expressed enthusiasm about RFK Jr’s candidacy, indicating its potential to help him.

– A new poll shows a majority of likely voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance, and many are adversely affected by inflation.

After leaving the Democrat Party several months back to run as an independent, one of the big concerns we have had is the question as to which candidate RFK hurts the most. The data is now in. The RCP polling aggregate shows the national polling average taken from all the polls. When it’s just Biden vs Trump, head-to-head, Trump leads by 1.4 points. When you average out all the polls that factor in Bobby Kennedy Jr, Trump’s lead jumps to 5.4 points. That’s a huge advantage for Trump. We are seeing a comparable jump in all of the swing states as well.

In Arizona, Trump goes from a 5-point lead in a two-way race to a 6-point lead with RFK. In Nevada, he goes from a 3-point lead to a 6-point lead. In Wisconsin, Trump goes from a 1-point lead to a near 3-point lead. In Pennsylvania, he goes from a 0.2-point lead to +2! In Georgia, Trump goes from a 5-point lead to a 7.4-point lead. It’s consistent across the board. The only outlier is Michigan where Trump drops a couple of points but he’s still in the lead.

These polls include the announcement this week of RFK Jr’s running mate, California-based attorney Nicole Shanahan. Most analysts argue that her extreme leftwing views only hurt Biden. If Kennedy had chosen someone on the right side of the aisle, that certainly could have siphoned off some support from Trump. Shortly after the announcement, Trump came out and said that he LOVED that RFK was running. He said it was great for MAGA and great for the country. Now we know why. Biden is struggling.

The legacy media is doing everything they can to try to revive his fledgling campaign by claiming that we’re seeing a polling surge, but as Red Eagle Politics points out, when you average out the latest polls in the RCP aggregate, you’ll see that the blue line for Biden barely moves. There is no surge. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit has pointed out that Biden is being forced to spend money in Minnesota which is one of the most blue states out there.

To make matters even worse for Biden, we have a new poll that just dropped that shows that 56% of likely voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance. 40% of them strongly disapprove. Overall, 83% of respondents in that poll said they have been adversely affected by inflation in Biden’s America, with 50% saying they were struggling to keep up and afford necessities. That alone is going to sink Biden. Trump has the easiest campaign message: things were great when I was president. Biden came in and screwed everything up.

We are seeing some big news coming out of the major swing state of Pennsylvania. The US 3rd Circuit Court of appeals has just ruled in favor of requiring strict signature verification for all mail-in voting in the Keystone state. This is a reversal of a previous ruling from a federal district court that struck down a previous requirement of signature verification. The 3rd Circuit Court of appeals has indeed decided that mail-in voters must specifically date the declaration of vote on the return envelope of their ballot for the ballot to be legal. All chain of custody procedures must be followed or the vote isn’t valid!

This is huge because we all know what the Democrats are going to try to pull off again come November. I don’t think the conditions will be anywhere near as conducive as they were in 2020 for the mass mail-in shenanigans they engaged in, but you can be sure they’ll be trying something, so any measure of accountability and verification will only serve to protect and help fortify the integrity of the upcoming election.

We also are seeing amazing news coming out of the nation of Argentina. Their new populist president, Javier Milei has just announced that he’s cutting upwards of 70,000 government jobs. Bloomberg is reporting that Milei announced one of the clearest signs of what they call his chainsaw-style approach to slashing the swollen bureaucratic state. Beyond cutting the jobs, Milei has also frozen public works, cut off some funding to provincial governments, and terminated more than 200,000 social welfare plans which he saw as incurably corrupt.

Some like this move to Trump’s plan to implement what’s called Schedule F on the first day of his presidency. Schedule F reassigns federal bureaucrats in DC as Schedule F employees, which strips away all of their employment protection, thereby enabling the president to fire tens of thousands of Deep State bureaucrats. Some are estimating that Trump could fire upwards of 60,000 government workers on day one of his second term. This would be astonishing, and with Milei we are seeing it happening in real time!

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