RFK Crushes Biden in Polls!

The Democrats will likely not allow any contest for the nomination. RFK is the main person who is challenging Biden, but they are attempting to make him look bad as they want Biden to be the candidate for the Democrat party. Other candidates do not seem to have picked up much popularity, but RFK has gained significant popularity over Biden!

As RFK surges in the polls, elite Democrats are attempting to shut down his popularity. They have criticized his views on mandatory vaccination. Democrat elites are against nationalism and populism, so it seems unlikely that they would want there to be a chance for a candidate like RFK to be on the ticket for 2024. The Democrats are trying to fundamentally change the country by trying to institute policies like adding more states, changing the electoral college, and adding judges to the supreme court as examples.

The Republicans typically stand against the radical change advocated by leftists. Democrats know how to put conservatives in a position where they “have to play catch up” with their beliefs and policies. This is one of the reasons they hated Trump. Trump did not play by their rules. He took over many blue states that Republicans had not won in decades. Popularity is surging for RFK in an unprecedented wave of support from 19% of democrats who are tired of Biden’s abysmal leadership. Clearly, there is a large group of democrats who want to see a more populist and moderate democrat in leadership over Biden and the leftwing elites he supports. Hopefully, we will see these democrats and conservatives unite to take down Biden, both in the Democratic Nomination and the presidential election.

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