Ramaswamy CRUSHES CNN!!!

Vivek Ramaswamy made mincemeat of CNN’s utterly clueless Kaitlan Collins. It was a masterclass on how to handle a woke legacy media that’s gone completely corrupt.

– Kaitlan Collins of CNN mistakenly combined two events: Vivek’s discussion about federal presence during J6 and a misquoted reference to 9/11.

– The misquote came from an Atlantic article, where Vivek’s words were misconstrued.

– She questioned him about fabricated comments, asserting their importance, but Vivek confidently refuted these misrepresentations.

Kaitlan Collins, the new face for the most distrusted name in fake news, conflated two events into one. Vivek was speaking to the Atlantic about feds on the ground at J6, but the Atlantic article quoted him as referring to 9/11, which doesn’t even make sense in the context. Feds were on the ground of J6, which even the New York Times admits to. Collins didn’t even consider that the ultra-woke activists at the Atlantic misquoted Vivek. Her only proof that Vivek made that incoherent claim about 9/11 and the feds on the planes was the Atlantic piece.

Vivek calmly and methodically decoupled the two events, explained how his comments about the feds were specific, obviously, to J6, and that his concerns about 9/11 were wholly other than that, which of course involves the now declassified documents that detail Saudi nationals’ connections to the 9/11 hijackers, a connection we were told by government officials for 20 years didn’t exist. One might think that the logical, cordial decoupling of the two events that the woke activists at the Atlantic deceptively equivalated would be enough for this CNN anchor, but that would only be the case if she was interested in the truth. This CNN anchor has a different agenda:

These legacy media types so obviously don’t know what to do when they are confronted with someone who calls out their lies. Vivek showed once again that Katie Collins at CNN doesn’t know how to do research. First, the only evidence she had of Vivek claiming 9/11 was an inside job was a misquote about feds in the Atlantic, one that Vivek unraveled rather easily. Then she tried to pigeonhole him into a both/and scenario where she presented Vivek’s response to the questioner as if the questioner asked, ‘Do you believe 9/11 was an inside job AND is the government lying about it?’

But that’s not what he asked. He did not ask a both/and question, he asked an either/or. Was 9/11 an inside job OR has the government been completely honest with us? Vivek answered the OR part of the question and answered whether the government has been completely honest with us. They objectively have not. She asked ‘What’s the government lying about?’ And Vivek shut her down, saying, ‘Saudi Arabia’s involvement, an involvement which your own darling Joe Biden declassified!’

She asserted that it is important for Vivek to come in an answer for these comments he supposedly made that the legacy was fabricated. She said he needed to come in to answer for comments he never made, and then CNN took what he said and interpreted it in light of the comments they fabricated. This, according to CNN, is important! At the end of the interview, we saw in Vivek’s smile the face of a rhetorical victor!

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