Rachel Maddow LOSES IT Over Trump Surge!

The legacy media is finally coming to the realization that we are witnessing the single greatest political comeback in history. They are on the wrong side.

– Trump’s potential electoral victory in 2024 is causing panic among the legacy media.

– Figures like Rachel Maddow are struggling to articulate coherent thoughts, prompting criticism on social media.

– Despite relentless negative reporting, controversies, and legal challenges, Trump’s resilience and growing popularity are evident.

Trump is going to crush the legacy media. They are publicly panicking over this. We have seen Rachel Maddow trying to put two sentences together that formed a coherent thought. After hearing her rant, exiled Appalachia tweeted, ‘Did she take speech lessons from Kamala?’

Rachel Maddow and much of the legacy media is finally losing it because the latest Stack Data polling showed a detailed, week-long survey of over 15,000 voters. They concluded that if the election were held today, Trump would win with nearly 300 electoral votes, far more than George W. Bush ever got. He would crush Biden. The survey found that Trump is doing better with blacks and latinos than any Republican in a half century.

He is winning swing states by a margin that exceeds the margin of fraud. Trump is gaining in almost all the counties that he ‘lost’ in 2020. A couple of weeks ago, there was a devastating New York Times poll that showed Trump leading Biden in five of six critical battleground states. That was followed a few days later by an Emerson poll that corroborated the results of the NYT poll. Emerson also showed Trump leading in 5 of the 6 swing states that Biden had supposedly won in 2020. A few days after Emerson Bloomberg dropped a bombshell, it had Trump leading in all six swing states.

This latest Stack Data polling shows Trump up to nearly 300 electoral votes among 15,000 voters, winning many of the swing states. This is why Rachel Maddow is freaking out. Trump has gained in almost every single county of every swing state. There is no way around this. Trump is poised to win 2024 in a blowout. Maddow and her ilk in the woke media are beside themselves. Their constant barrage of negative reporting on Trump didn’t work. The 2020 shenanigans didn’t work. The January 6th kangaroo committee didn’t work. The weaponized lawfare didn’t work. Trump keeps coming back stronger than ever.

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