Rachel Maddow Has Lost Her Mind!

There was disillusioned disbelief from even some of Maddow’s most ardent defenders over her most recent display of confusion.

– Rachel Maddow’s recent argument on MSNBC has been widely criticized for its flawed logic and sensationalism.

– Rachel uses the false dilemma fallacy as she oversimplifies the potential outcomes regarding Trump.

– The notion that Trump could appoint himself president for life is incoherent given that elections are managed by states and Trump’s actions in 2020 contradict Maddow’s argument.

What she has argued takes tortured logic to a whole new level. Even a few years ago no one would have ever thought it possible for a major cable news outlet to stoop to. This is reminiscent of the interchange between Mara Gay from the New York Times and Brian Williams when they failed at basic math live on air during the 2020 Democratic primaries, and they were talking about how much Mike Bloomberg was spending on his campaign, and then this happened:

They claimed that Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent $500 million, and since there are over 300 million people in the United States he could have instead given each person in the United States a million dollars. This is the level of intellectual manure that you get on a 24/7 basis with MSNBC, but Rachel Maddow just made that exchange look brilliant by comparison. According to Maddow, when it comes to Donald Trump, we only have two choices here. This is already the fallacy of bifurcation which is also known as the either/or fallacy or the false dilemma. This is when a person claims that there are only two mutually exclusive possibilities when there are other options. Rachel isn’t grounding her rant on the firmest foundation here.

She puts forward her fake dilemma: either Trump loses the election and he goes to prison or he wins the election and somehow from there cancels all future US elections going forward. First and foremost, Trump isn’t going to jail! This is a fantasy of Rachel’s on par with the Robert Mueller hoax that she perpetrated on her audience for two years. Even if convicted, it is very unlikely that Trump will end up in prison. Not only is Trump legally required to be protected by Secret Service agents 24/7, but the appeals process, during which he would be out of jail, could take years, ultimately going all the way to the Supreme Court. Legal scholars agree it is highly unlikely Trump would ever see a day in prison.

So that obliterates her first either/or; but then what about this notion that Trump would appoint himself president for life? Why, when he could instead pardon himself? There is a disagreement as to whether Trump could pardon himself from a Fulton County conviction, but those charges are so patently absurd that they have little chance of ever getting past the appellate process. If what Maddow is saying is true and Trump could just anoint himself president for life, then why didn’t he do that in 2020? Why did he spend so much time pressing for recounts and investigations, why not just do exactly what Maddow claims he’s going to do in 2024?

Since he didn’t do it in 2020, what evidence does Rachel have that he is going to do that now? As Red State points out, he could not do that! Elections are state affairs, even red states would go along with a presidential contest in 2028. The new president would be sworn in and Trump would be escorted out of office. There’s no possible scenario for Trump to appoint himself president for life in any plausible sense. Maddow has finally lost it!

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