Vladimir Putin has just won his fifth term as the President of the Russian Federation, and with it, a new world is rising in 2024. We are going to see the latest on Putin’s unprecedented tenure as president, and we are going to see exactly how that tenure is overseeing a new civilizationalist world rising in our midst!

– Putin wins landslide victory in Russian election, receiving over 80% of the vote.

– Many in the West struggle to understand Putin’s popularity among Russians.

– Despite Western sanctions, Russia’s economy is thriving.

President Putin won a massive landslide victory over the weekend, securing over 80% of the vote in a largely uncontested election. His victory was summarily denounced by the world, according to our propagandistic media who together chided Putin for so woefully failing to hold a free and fair election. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘Warm congratulations to His Excellency Mr. Vladimir Putin on his re-election as the President of the Russian Federation. I look forward to working together to further strengthen the time-tested Special & Privileged Strategic Partnership between India and Russia in the years to come.’

This endorsement comes from the leader of 20% of the world’s population. President Xi of China also congratulated Putin and was excited to further develop their economic and military alliance. That signifies another 20% of the world’s population. Leaders from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America all praised Putin’s leadership over the last 20+ years and are very excited to work closer with Russia in building up a very new world. An Estonian journalist learned firsthand just how popular Putin is with the Russian people:

The legacy media and Westerners have a very hard time understanding how and why Russians and so many all over the world revere Putin the way they do. One of the examples of Putin’s authoritarianism that Western leaders always point to is Russia’s treatment of Alexi Navalny, who was apparently poisoned and then imprisoned and has since died. Most Russians don’t believe Navalny was poisoned and the vast majority of the nation did NOT support him or his movement. Navalny was lucky if he got a 10% approval rating in Russia.

Navalny was a creation of the Western media and all the hype around him didn’t exist in reality. According to Russian studies professor Paul Robinson, Russians never supported Navalny or believed he was poisoned because they knew that the American media wanted them to. The Russian public rejected Navalny precisely because our legacy media supported him. Putin has been brilliant in positioning himself as a powerful hedge against what Russians perceive as a vicious Western hostility towards them.

To America, the culture wars are a civil war. This is a war between two sides in our nation. But to Russia, the culture wars are a foreign invasion. It’s about woke values that have no place among the Russian population at all. Putin has been politically brilliant in positioning himself as the bulwark against that invasion, as well as overseeing a booming economy and military. That is why so much of the world is inclining itself towards Russia in 2024.

Russia is also at the heart of the alternative international economic bloc known as BRICS. It has now officially surpassed the G7’s share of the world’s gross domestic market, encompassing 40% of global production as opposed to the G7’s 30%. BRICS membership doubled last year, and if the amount of requests to join over the coming months is any indicator, BRICS will continue to grow exponentially. Geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar notes that central to this rising economic block is a whole new international payment system that will directly challenge the dominance of the US dollar. They are already using CIPS, which is China’s Interbank Payment System. It’s their substitute for SWIFT, which has been, until recently, the default worldwide financial transaction system. One of the reasons why the Russian Federation was largely unaffected by the blitzkrieg of Western sanctions, which included kicking Russia’s central bank off of SWIFT, is because Russia recalibrated its economy around these parallel structures. So Russia’s economy, today, by all measures, is booming, even though they just surpassed Iran as the most sanctioned nation on the planet.

What’s happening here with BRICS is they are creating a parallel economy that’s not just replacing the dollar as a default currency but is also becoming the default dominant economy in the world. They are effectively pushing out the G-7 as the central economic driver of global production. This is why Putin is seen as such a formidable force in the Russian Federation. He is viewed as a protector and defender of Russian cultural and economic interests at home, and he’s seen as the chief architect of a whole new geopolitical order with Russia at its center! Putin has indeed redefined the world for 2024 and beyond!

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