Putin VOWS REVENGE for Moscow Attack!

Russia is officially at war. Over the weekend, four gunmen in camo entered one of the main concert halls in Moscow during a concert with thousands in attendance and gunned down hundreds of the attendees. They then set off explosives that burned the building to the ground. The death toll has risen to 137, with hundreds more injured.

– A shocking terrorist attack has occurred, with all four alleged perpetrators captured by authorities, purportedly from Tajikistan.

– Putin has blamed Ukraine for the attack, officially declaring war on Ukraine for the first time, citing Ukraine’s alleged support or orchestration of the attack as justification.

– France and Poland have announced intentions to send troops to Ukraine, perceived by Russia as a NATO force escalation on their borders.

This attack was a shockingly horrifying terrorist act. All four of the alleged perpetrators have been captured by authorities. The four men are all purportedly from Tajikistan. They have been paraded before cameras for all the world to see how Russia deals with terrorists. They have been tortured and their fate has been predetermined. An emotional President Putin was filmed lighting a candle and offering prayers in an Orthodox chapel on behalf of the victims of the terrorist attack. He has vowed to the nation that there will be swift and decisive retribution against the perpetrators of this horror.

Putin is already blaming Ukraine for the attack. Kremlin spokesperson Dimitri Peskov has announced that, for the first time, Russia has officially declared war on Ukraine in response to what they believe to be Ukraine’s support and perhaps even orchestration of the attack. Peskov said, ‘Russia cannot allow the existence on its borders of a state that has a documented intention to use any methods to take Crimea away from it, not to mention the territory of new regions.’ Russia is going to respond with the intention of utterly crippling Ukraine.

This threat comes as France and Poland have announced that they intend to send several thousand troops to Ukraine to help with the fight, which Russia sees as a NATO force inside Ukraine. The sending of those forces is voluntary on the part of France and Poland, and would not trigger Article 5 of NATO which states that an attack on one member nation is an attack on all, but it does indicate an escalation. NATO nations like France and Poland are doubling down on this Ukraine insanity that has, as Tucker Carlson and others have repeatedly pointed out, no possibility of ending in Ukraine’s favor! That is especially the case following these horrific attacks in Moscow.

As far as the Russian population is concerned, this would not be the first time Ukrainian influences engaged in terrorist attacks on Russian soil. They were also responsible for the killing of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, in a car explosion in August of 2022. Even US officials admitted that the Ukrainians were behind that attack. The Russian population needs no convincing that this latest attack was orchestrated by the Ukrainians.

As geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar points out, as far as Russian officials are concerned, the real war starts now. Until this point, Putin has been very reserved in this Special Military Operation. This is why US officials are claiming that the concert attack was a false flag orchestrated by Russian officials to justify transforming the Special Military Operation into a total war against Ukraine. Those accusations fall radically short of the Russian population. Russian forces are going to launch a full-scale war on Ukraine as a result of this. All the accusations from the State Department are not going to change that.

This is why it was so essential for at least some kind of peace agreement to have been formalized before this special military operation got started in the first place. Several pundits and scholars like John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago or Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University have pointed out that, had Western powers simply fulfilled what’s called the Minsk agreement, all of this would never have happened. Shortly after Russia launched its special military operation, there was a peace deal that would have secured Nato neutrality on the part of Ukraine, which Zelensky reportedly was willing to agree to. Boris Johnson personally traveled to Ukraine to thwart that deal.

Several months and billions of dollars of taxpayer funds later and Russia is now poised to crush Ukraine like never before. We are closer to a full-blown war between Russia and NATO forces from France and Poland than we have ever been. Russia is not going to back down from this. They see this conflict as existential. Several scholars such as John Mearsheimer and George Kennan of Harvard University recognized for over a decade that NATO’s incessant and stubborn eastward expansion was going to erupt into a full-blown conflict with Russia based on the dynamics of great power politics.

In a manner comparable to the way the United States pushed back against the Soviet attempt to arm Cuba in our hegemonic region, so, too, a renewed hegemonic Russian Federation was going to push back against NATO’s attempt at putting arms along their borders. The fact that France and Poland have announced that they are now sending troops into the region only confirms those concerns. In many respects, the war in Ukraine is only just beginning.

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