Putin BLASTS The Political PERSECUTION of Trump!!!

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling out the Biden administration for their blatant weaponization of the law in attempting to take out his chief political rival. What Biden is doing would make Putin blush: 

– Putin, speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, commented on the political persecution of Trump and saw it as revealing the flaws in the American political system.

– Putin’s perspective aligns with the growing belief among Americans that Trump’s legal troubles are politically motivated.

– Putin’s defense of Trump and concerns about political persecution reveal clever geopolitics aimed at exposing the Biden administration’s alleged corruption and desperation.

Putin, who was speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum, said, “As for Trump, for us what is happening in today’s conditions, in my opinion, is good because it shows the rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others democracy. Everything that is happening with Trump is the persecution of a political rival for political reasons. That’s what it is. And this is being done in front of the public of the United States and the whole world.” 

The vast majority of the nation believes that what’s happening to Trump is entirely politically motivated. It is weaponized legalism. The most recent Harvard/Harris poll found that 55% of the population believes that the federal indictment against President Trump is politically motivated. 56% believe that this is deliberate interference in the 2024 election by Biden’s justice department. An AJC poll shows that 94% of Georgia Republicans believe this Fulton County indictment is a political witch hunt. 

What Putin is seeing is what the vast majority of the country is seeing, and the vast majority of the world is seeing. What the Biden ‘Justice’ Department is doing is a comical farce for all the world to see. Whenever United States officials lecture the world on democracy and the rule of law and human rights, they are now seen as nothing more than utter buffoons. What Putin just said is that the political persecution of Trump is working in Russia’s favor. It exposes the moral rot that our permanent political class and our political establishment have become. This political persecution has officially knocked Washington DC from its perch of moral high ground over any other nation. This will only further hasten the full advent of a multi-polar world that officially sidelines the American-dictated unipolar order. 

According to Mark Twain, ‘America cannot be an empire abroad and a republic at home. The tyrannical, dictatorial, and brutal tactics that our political establishment has imposed on others abroad are now coming home to roost here against us. We are the targets of the surveillance state that we were told was set up to guard us against foreign enemies. Now we are the enemies. This is not the first time that Putin has done something like this. Putin has come out in defense of the J6 protests that have been locked up by our establishment and the corrupt DC courts. 

When Putin and Biden met in Switzerland a couple of years ago, it was widely reported that Putin pressed Biden on what Putin called the human rights violations being perpetrated against the Jan. 6th protestors. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out how U.S. authorities were then, and continue to this day, ironically violating the human rights of their political dissidents, which they are always accusing Russia of doing. With both his concern for the J6 defendants as well as the political persecution of Trump, Putin reveals some pretty clever geo-politics on his part. He is recognizing the United States under the Democrats has become increasingly totalitarian and authoritarian. That undermines the whole establishment rhetoric that America is the great defender of liberty and democracy. We see this at work even in Russia.

One of the examples of Putin’s authoritarianism that Western leaders always point to is Russia’s treatment of their most prominent dissident, Alexi Navalny, who was supposedly poised and has since been sentenced to prison for violation of probation. While the ‘international community’ may be upset with this, most Russians aren’t. Most Russians don’t believe Navalny was poisoned and they do not support him or his movement. According to Russian studies professor Paul Robinson, the Russian public rejects Navalny because our mainstream Marxist media supports him. Whatever our media supports, the Russian public largely rejects it. 

Putin is tapping into this here by publicly drawing attention to how President Trump is being politically persecuted. He further stokes the notion that our establishment hacks are the hypocrites that we know them to be and further undermines any semblance of moral superiority they try to impose in orchestrating international relations, all of which only helps with Putin’s aim at fostering the rise of a multi-polar world and the demise of the Washington-centered unipolar one. The latest comments about Trump are meant to demonstrate how corrupt and increasingly desperate the Biden administration is for all the world to see.

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