Protestors STORM the EU Building in Brussels!

Astonishing scenes are coming from the city of Brussels, the heart of the European Union. Protesting farmers throughout the continent have gathered together in a massive uprising, besieging the European Parliament building as leaders from around Europe gather together in the next 24 hours to try to implement the bidding of the World Economic Forum in Davos! If these farmers have anything to say about it, this isn’t gonna happen!

– European farmers protested in Brussels against the EU’s green initiatives that impose taxes and rules that threaten their livelihoods.

– The protests coincide with a summit in Brussels, disrupting the plans of European elites.

– The election outcomes in the Netherlands suggest a potential populist blowout in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

A mass uprising of European farmers is descending on the city of Brussels, the very center of the European Union. Tractors and trucks have surrounded the European Parliament building in defiance of the European Union’s radical green initiatives that are starving farmers of their livelihood. Farmers across the continent are livid at the EU’s singling out of farmers, imposing on them a punitive tax burden and green rules and regulations that are making it almost impossible to farm.

This combination of confiscatory costs and unreasonably burdensome green rules has unleashed a populist revolt across the continent like never before. This revolt is now descending on Brussels. Hundreds of tractors have blocked off streets as European leaders plan to gather in the city for a summit on Thursday. As you can see and as those leaders will see, the farmers are making it almost impossible for their leaders to ignore them and their concerns. Here’s an insider report from Sky News:

The good news is that the protests seem to be having an effect. The farmers have officially won their first concession. The EU has announced that they will indeed delay the implementation and enforcement of new rules that would have forced farmers to set aside land and decrease their cattle stock. The farmers aren’t just looking for a delay, they want these draconian measures that are ultimately being dictated by Klaus Schwab and the Demons in Davos, to be annihilated, erased, and destroyed. This concession is a mere temporary one in the hopes of quelling the rebellion. These farmers are under no illusions. They know that once they go home, the Bullies in Brussels will turn around and immediately implement the Davos-inspired measures. They just see this concession as a sign that the EU is bleeding.

These uprisings all across the continent have teeth, and they could spell disaster for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. 2024 is the year of the elections across Europe for the EU parliament, and already the legacy media is freaking out at all the polls that show that the populist, anti-EU forces are surging. They may end up winning the biggest block of all the coalitions in the European Parliament. All we have to do is look to the Netherlands for a micro-pattern here that may forecast for us what to expect leading into these elections.

Last year, tens of thousands of Dutch farmers rose up against lawmakers in the Hague, the Dutch Parliament, who voted to follow orders directly from the World Economic Forum and slash their nation’s emissions by forcing farmers to use less fertilizer, cut their livestock herd numbers which involve killing their livestock or even stop work altogether. The farmers rose, and the Dutch police responded to them by going ‘full Trudeau!’

In the name of democracy and liberty, Dutch police brutally cracked down on the protestors. Despite all of these Gestapo-like tactics, the Dutch farmers refused to back down. They fought back, mobilized, politically organized, and put together one of the newest political parties in Europe. This is a farmer’s party known as the BBB. In a stunning upset, the BBB won the Netherland’s senate elections in a blowout! This was a stunning repudiation of the Dutch government’s draconian green policies being forced on the Netherlands’ agricultural industry, which is one of the largest in the world.

Because the election was such a political earthquake, the Dutch government collapsed. The coalition that sought to implement these Davos-inspired policies imploded, and they had to hold snap elections. The ultra-far-right Geert Wilders and his Dutch Freedom Party won the snap election again in a blowout. If the Netherlands is any indicator, what we are seeing play out here in Brussels may indeed be forecasting an absolute populist blowout in the upcoming European Parliament elections just a few months from now. If that’s the case, these farmers surrounding the European Parliament are an ominous harbinger for both the Bullies in Brussels and the Demons in Davos of what’s to come!

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