Pride Month Is Already IMPLODING!

Over the weekend we saw a pride parade getting completely disrupted and blocked by pro-Palestinian protestors! It’s just another day in the disintegrating lunacy of the woke left, and we’re going to see how more corporations and how most of the planet are increasingly turning their backs on the world of wokeness and instead embracing traditionalist values!

– There is increased pushback against Pride Month this year compared to previous years.

– Target is scaling back its pride displays due to backlash from last year.

– Consumers are increasingly “voting with their wallets,” rejecting products and services that support ideological positions counter to their values.

It is now the month of June which means that it is ‘Pride Month,’ where rainbow colored flags and paraphernalia adorn department stores and city halls across the nation, celebrating our unwavering commitment to the progressive values of equity and inclusion! However, we are seeing this June starting off with more efforts against this propaganda than usual!

A bar in the state of Idaho, Old State Saloon just outside of Boise, has officially declared the month of June Heterosexual Awesomeness Month and will provide free beer and discounts solely to straight people! Old State Saloon announced they wanted to celebrate heterosexuals because without them ‘none of us would be here,’ which of course is precisely what every single generation before ours throughout the history of time always recognized.

Even in ancient Greece, homosexual relationships were socially acceptable, but it was often a relationship between a teacher and his young student. This was a relationship called sunousia, but even with that widespread acceptance, the ancients never equated same-sex relationships with family or marriage because they recognized that family and marriage was the bedrock of human civilization. This Idaho bar, ironically, is making an observation that is explicitly timeless.

The obvious pushback against Pride Month in Idaho is becoming par for the course among corporations and countries that appear to be turning their backs on all of this woke activism. Target is once again clamping down on their pride displays in their department stores this summer. This follows the massive backlash they got last year from consumers. This time last year, Target reported their first quarterly sales drop in 6 years. Their CEO openly admitted that their 5.4% sales drop was largely due to the woke backlash they faced last June during pride month and their over-the-top pride displays that just drove away consumers. The consumer backlash was massive! Target suffered a massive loss in market valuation, losing a stunning $10 billion dollars over 10 days.

This summer, Target is playing it safe and are reportedly radically limiting their pride displays so as not to get Bud Lighted all over again. This is not just Target. It’s being widely reported that corporations are very nervous when it comes to Pride month and how much they are willing to promote it given what’s happened to Target, Bud Light, Disney, and Netflix, all of which have been suffering from the backlash of consumer politics.

More people are voting with their wallets as corporate America gets increasingly infected by the woke mind virus. More consumers want nothing to do with their products or services because we know that our purchases are funding ideological absurdities that run diametrically counter to our conservative values. Corporations are right to be nervous about pride month because more consumers want their favored brands to celebrate traditional America. If the major corporations want to be around for much longer, they, too, will need to get on the traditional bandwagon and recognize that the future is indeed in the values and virtues of the past!

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