Pride Month CANCELED in Red States!

It’s not just pro-Palestinian activists that are shutting down pride parades! Pride events are getting canceled all across the country, especially in solid red states. We are going to take a look at what’s going on and why as this is all just the beginning!

– Legal counsel advised suspension of planned Pride Week events due to the new Texas law banning DEI programs in public colleges.

– In Florida a gay pride parade was canceled, and other pride events restricted to people over 21, following a new law banning children from public drag shows.

– Companies are being cautious during Pride Month due to fear of backlash similar to what happened with Bud Light and Target.

DEI initiatives are being abolished all over red state America!

The University of Texas just laid off over 60 DEI officers and workers in compliance with a new law that’s gone into effect that basically abolishes DEI throughout the entire lone star state. Now it’s being widely reported that pride events are being canceled as a result.

The University of North Texas legal counsel recently advised the campus libraries to suspend planned events for Pride Week, according to an email sent to library staff last week. According to the report, the events are the latest casualty of a ban Texas lawmakers handed down to eliminate diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, programs and recruiting documents in Texas public colleges.

UNT administration has already complied with the new law by changing the name of one of their centers. They renamed their ‘Multicultural Center and Pride Alliance Center’ into the UNT Center for Belonging and Engagement. This is for the entirety of the student body, not simply select identities.

Last year, a gay pride parade was canceled in the state of Florida and other pride events were restricted to people over 21 because of a new law that bans children from attending public drag shows. The new law would give the government authority to revoke the liquor license of any establishment that hosts a drag event with children in attendance. That law forced a pride parade event to shut down.

It’s being reported that a whole host of pride events were canceled as a direct result of this new law throughout the deep red state of Florida. This is all becoming par for the course during Pride Month. This is largely because there does seem to be a very real backlash against Pride Month going on all over the country, not just in red states. USA Today published a piece just about a week ago entitled ‘Expect fewer rainbow logos for LGBTQ Pride Month after Target, Bud Light backlash.’

Companies are worried about getting ‘Bud Lighted.’ We are living in the age of consumer politics where more people are voting with their wallets. As more consumers see corporate America diverging from their values, they are increasingly intentionally not buying from some stores and intentionally buying from others that at the very least don’t offend their values. Boycotts and buycotts are operative here.

At the same time last year that we saw Bud Light’s sales implode, we also saw Modelo’s sales surge and take over the number one spot. In an age of consumer politics, corporations are going to have to be very careful how they navigate the plurality of values that are increasingly controlling where consumers spend their dollars. What we are seeing is a very clear drop in support for Pride Month and LGBT issues.

Polls do seem to be reversing the direction that we have been seeing over the last few decades. According to a study conducted by research firm Ipsos in over 30 mostly Western countries, support for the LGBT issues, particularly trans activism, declined across the board. While most people in the surveyed countries still support same-sex marriage, that support has noticeably not increased. It’s either remained stable or decreased over the past two years. Similar patterns were observed regarding support for gay couples raising children.

A number of countries, such as Poland, Turkey, Romania, and South Korea, exemplified a significant majority who are steadfastly opposed to the practice. In countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, and Sweden, support for gay couples raising children has been declining over the past two years. When it comes to transgenderism, the majority of respondents opposed trans rights and even among those more accommodating, a clear majority wanted trans people to be limited to using toilets, changing rooms, and saunas that corresponded to their biological gender.

We saw a similar study published this year by the Public Religion Research Institute. They found that the percentage of the population that believes there are only 2 genders has increased over the last two years across the board. The percentage of Gen Z who believe there are only 2 genders has increased from 43% in 2021 to 57% today. There’s a clear loss of support for LGBT issues that is likely because there is the increasing perception among the masses that the LGBT movement represents the thwarting of liberty rather than its promotion.

There’s been some very interesting studies showing that one of the reasons why gay rights were so successful in America is they promoted the notion of liberty. There was a successful libertarian dynamic to the movement, however, when it comes to cultural socialism, there’s an increasing sense that the demands being made are all about decreasing liberty. We see this in denouncing dissent, silencing critics, destroying women’s sports, demanding compliance, and stigmatizing half the country as bigots and racists and all kinds of phobes.

The key difference here is liberty. To the extent that liberty is advanced, we are going to see mass support. If liberty is perceived as being thwarted, we are going to see mass revolt. That’s what the gay rights movement risks if it throws its lot in with the larger woke movement. The longer that LGBT alphabet gets, the more opposition it generates. At least when it comes to red state America, pride month isn’t getting off to a very good start!

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