Populism WINS in the Netherlands!

A political earthquake just rocked Europe! The Dutch Farmers who’ve been protesting against the draconian environmental mandates of their government have just won an overwhelming victory at the polls, shaking the very foundations of Dutch politics! We’re going to take a look at what happened in yesterday’s elections across their nation and see how it signals a massive shift to the populist right in Europe as a whole!

-The Netherlands has done it!

-Populist farmers and protestors have secured a HUGE victory in the Dutch Senate!

-All over Europe, nationalists are growing in number and rising up against globalism and technocracy!

In an absolutely stunning upset, the upstart populist pro-farmer party known as the Farmer Citizen Movement shook the very foundations of politics in the Netherlands last night, scoring a massive victory in Wednesday’s provincial elections. If you don’t know, provincial elections that determine the make-up of the Dutch Senate were held on Wednesday and a brand new party, called the BBB, or the Farmer Citizen Movement, a party that represents the persecuted farmers who’ve been protesting against their draconian government non-stop now for months, this brand new farmers party, has won those elections! They look set to have secured more Senate seats than even their current prime minister’s party was able to get! This was an absolutely shocking win for Dutch populists that is shaking up the Netherlands’ Senate in a way no political pundit had even remotely predicted! They really did it; the Dutch farmer party BBB has become the single largest party in the Netherlands! It’s an absolutely incredible development!

Now if you don’t know, tens of thousands of farmers have been rotesting all over the Netherlands in response to lawmakers in the Hague, the Dutch Parliament, who voted to slash their nation’s emissions by forcing farmers to use less fertilizer, cut their livestock herd numbers which involves killing their livestock, or even stop work altogether! A lot of people don’t know but the Netherlands is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world, but for the hyper-sensitive environmentalism that pervades European politics via their various green parties, that kind of agricultural prominence is a problem, because it produces too much nitrogen via the cattle-produced manure and fertilizer, too much, I should say, for radical green sensibilities! And so, as part of the European Union, the Hague decided to bring those nitrogen emissions down to levels that the greens in Europe will find acceptable, and that involved nothing less than a radical proposal that mandated a 30 percent reduction in livestock! And THAT caused farmers throughout the nation to absolutely explode! Over the last few months, we’ve seen nothing less than a massive populist uprising, with far more than farmers rising up and basically shutting down the nation! Protestors have blocked food warehouses and supermarket distribution centers, and fishermen blocked ports in a show of support for the farmers. The blockade is effectively preventing ferries from sailing, trucks from delivering their goods, which of course is causing lengthy delays and massive inventory shortages. They’ve shut down Dutch highways and bi-ways, very similar to the way the Freedom Convoy shut down Ottawa for those several weeks!

And so, needless to say, how have the liberal globalists in the Netherlands responded to these protests? Well, they’ve of course gone full Trudeau! In the name of democracy and liberty, Dutch police have consistently cracked down on the protestors, they’ve been pulling out their guns, and at one point, they even started firing: But despite all of these gestapo-like tactics, the Dutch farmers have refused to back down, they’ve been fighting back these last several months! And now, THEY ARE THE OFFICIAL MAJORITY in the Dutch Senate! They fought back, they mobilized, they organized, and they kicked ass at the ballot box!

What happened yesterday in the Netherlands is but par for the course of what’s happening all across the European continent; populist uprisings are growing by the day and they are beginning to change the political order. As frustrating as the European scene might seem, a nationalist populist paradigm shift is happening, and the numbers prove it! In the last decade, the number of nationalist populist parties across Europe has more than doubled. The share of votes won by populist parties in Europe has tripled in the course of such time, from 8.5 percent of the European vote to nearly 25 percent. The most recent national populist victory was in Italy with the one and only Giorgia Meloni. Back in September, the nationalist populist coalition of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, and Forza Italia won majorities in both Chambers of the Italian parliament. But without question, the star of the election was the conservative firebrand Giorgia Meloni, and her tenure thus far has been so successful, that Meloni is now officially the single most popular leader in the whole of the European Union! Giorgia Meloni has a 52 percent approval rating among Italians, which is HUGE for Italian politics; or European politics for that matter!

Remember European politics in general but Italian politics in particular is multi-party politics, and so for one leader, of one party, one party among many, in this case The Brothers of Italy, for the leader of one among many parties, to garner that level of support is very, very impressive. And now, with the latest victory in the Netherlands for the Dutch Farmers, we really are seeing a very real paradigm shift going on in European politics, where their politics is moving way to the right, the nationalist populist and traditionalist right that we’ve been following and tracking with for the last six years or so. So, as frustrating as things can be, there’s no question: the world is moving to the populist right, and there’s nothing liberals can do to stop it!