Populism Surges In Hungary!!!

Those are the words of Viktor Orban, the amazing prime minister of Hungary! These remarks are just the beginning. We are going to check in on CPAC Europe, the amazing gathering of the world’s patriots in Budapest, and we’re going to see the shocking things Tucker Carlson said!

– Hungary is hosting CPAC Europe, a gathering of nationalist conservative leaders from across the continent.

– Orban’s political project is to REBUILD Christian Europe!

– European leaders like Orban, the prime ministers of Poland, Georgia, and Italy are leading the way in standing up for conservative patriotic values in the face of globalism.

The patriot-booming nation of Hungary is hosting CPAC Europe, a gathering of the continents’ leading nationalist right leaders and notables from across the pond. Kari Lake is there and she was featured in an interview on Hungarian television. It did not disappoint:

One of the highlights of the conference featured a pre-recorded message from Tucker Carlson, who’s a major fan of Viktor Orban. What he said turned out to be eerily prophetic:

The events in Hungary are astonishing. In the fall of last year, conservative patriot prime minister Viktor Orban won reelection in a massive landslide victory. This was Orban’s fourth consecutive landslide win, and it was an absolutely devastating blow to the Bullies in Brussels! Leaders from the European Union helped put together a six-party opposition alliance against him to topple him once and for all. Orban’s Fidesz Party, which is the nationalist populist party of Hungary, had to face a mass coalition of six liberal parties backed by Brussels.

These six parties went down in flames! They got a humiliating 34% of the vote. Orban absolutely crushed them. Orban has been using this cultural-conservative mandate to rebuild Christian Europe. The revitalization of conservative Western civilization is at the heart of his political project, and he’s been working very closely with the conservative Christian Law and Justice Party in Poland, which is the majority party, to do just that in Central Europe.

Hungary has become ground zero for the growing Christian nationalist movements awakening throughout the West. The prime minister of the nation of Georgia speaks on this issue as Georgia is going through an extraordinary Christian renaissance:

People who watch that video may wonder if there is any politician in the United States who is talking like that. For there to be a culture war to fight, there must be a culture. There needs to be an alternative culture that’s going to confront and defeat the woke culture that’s actively attempting to impose itself on us through force. This is what was implied in Viktor Orban’s speech, calling on Americans to reelect Donald Trump. There seems to be no one else in the US who is willing and able to stand up and challenge the globalist cabal like Trump. European leaders like Orban and the prime ministers of Poland, Georgia, and Italy are all leading the way here. listen to how the Director General of Hungary explains the difference between conservatism and liberalism:

That was beautifully put. Conservatism, unlike progressive Marxist liberalism, is not an ideology, it’s common sense. It’s a way of life and a civilization, one that has flourished for over a thousand years precisely because it provides rich resources for a sustainable identity. It is encouraging to see what’s going on this week at CPAC Europe, and the leadership they’re demonstrating to the world to stand up for conservative patriotic values in the face of the ongoing but fledgling assaults of globalism!

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