We know that 2024 is going to be the most volatile election we’ve ever seen, but regardless of what ultimately happens, Donald Trump’s politics have truly already won all over the world and are currently reshaping the geopolitical map for the foreseeable future!

– The populist uprising in Germany reflects a global trend dubbed the “Trumpification of world politics,” where nationalist, populist, and traditionalist values gain prominence.

– Foreign Policy magazine warns of a right-wing populist surge in 2024, anticipating victories in Austria and Portugal, with significant gains in the European Union elections.

– New politics are emerging around the three forms of security, driving the nationalist, populist, and traditionalist right to reshape the world, exemplified by Trump’s influence on global dynamics.

There has been a massive farmers’ revolt in the nation of Germany taking inspiration from Dutch farmers some months back. German farmers have brought their cities to a standstill by protesting their woke leftist government’s green policies that they claim threaten the very existence of the agricultural industry. Tractors and trucks have shut down entrances to motorways, bridges, and tunnels in various regions and states all across Germany, in some cases blocking off entryways to entire cities such as Brandenburg!

It is nothing short of a massive populist revolt where the German people are demanding that their woke leaders stop ruling them and start representing them. German farmers and workers are rising and demanding that their leaders should represent their values, interests, and concerns, rather than rule according to the values, interests, and concerns of the globalist ruling establishment. This uprising in Germany is but the latest in the populist uprisings that are occurring all over Europe, and all over the West and the world as a whole.

Several pundits and scholars are calling it a Trumpification of world politics. Where more and more populations are embracing border security, economic security, and cultural security as the defining policies that are collectively reorganizing world order according to far more nationalist, populist, and traditionalist norms. Breitbart just had a very interesting exclusive interview with Trump where they explored the theme of how Trump represents a wider transnational movement that is enabling more populations to take their politics back away from a ruling globalist elite. This includes Javier Milei’s recent win in Argentina, Giorgia Meloni’s astonishing rise to prime minister in Italy, Geert Wilder’s stunning win in the Netherlands, and Victor Orban’s unrivaled political dominance in Hungary.

Trump is recognizing that the internationalist populist movement is stronger than ever, even stronger than in 2016 when Trump and Brexit combined to shock the globalist world order like never before. Leftwing pundits are beginning to openly panic over this. Foreign Policy magazine just published a dire warning to their fellow leftists entitled: ‘Rightwing Populism is set to sweep the West in 2024.’ It’s a fascinating piece that notes that over 40% of the world’s population will be voting in an election in 2024 and that trends suggest this is the year that the geopolitical map is going to be recalibrated to the right like never before.

For example, the big election to keep an eye on is the upcoming national elections in Austria, where the ‘far-right’ Freedom Party looks like they are going to win in a landslide. Even Portugal, which has been ruled by leftists for the last several years, has their national election coming up and all the polls show that the political right is poised to crush as well. The European Union elections are this year, and, the ‘far-right’ nationalist populist right are poised to make their biggest gains ever in the European Parliament, possibly becoming the single largest bloc.

We are seeing the rise of what scholars call ‘post-security politics,’ which describes the kind of political reactions that happen when the three basic securities that are supposed to be guaranteed by the nation-state, border security, economic security, and cultural security, begin to erode under the pressures of globalization. There is currently a massive backlash where populations are increasingly reasserting their national and economic sovereignty and their customs, cultures, and traditions as mechanisms of resistance against the anti-cultural processes of globalization and its secular aristocracy.

The way it is working out is simple. Border insecurities are awakening a new nationalism and renewed efforts to restore national sovereignty like what we saw with Brexit. Economic insecurities are awakening a new populism where the people are standing up to multinational corporations and bringing back their manufacturing and industries and cultural insecurities are awakening a new traditionalism. This includes populations that are reembracing their customs and traditions, most particularly their religious traditions again as mechanisms of resistance against the woke leftism pushed by globalism! A new politics is indeed emerging around these three forms of security, and that politics is the politics of the new right: the nationalist, populist, and traditionalist right. Trump is indeed taking over the world, but that is only because Trump is himself a part of wider dynamics that are giving rise to a new conservative world!

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