Polls Show Trump Crushing Swing States and Popular Vote!

We are seeing Trump not only winning the electoral vote but now, according to political strategist Dick Morris, Trump is even winning the popular vote, which is historic!

– Trump is attracting more non-white voters and maximizing rural support while minimizing urban votes for Biden.

– Economic concerns, including soaring energy prices and recession warnings, are eroding support for Biden.

– Trump’s populist approach is uniting disaffected Democrats against the political elite, leading to a shift in political divides.

Morris has noted that Republicans have lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections. The one exception was George W. Bush in 2004 when he barely beat John Kerry in the popular vote. In the current polling over the last couple of weeks, Morris points out that Trump has led Biden in 9 of the 10 polls. In the last 33 polls taken over the last few months that surveyed this five-way race, Trump has led in 29 of them. Biden has only led in two of them, as the others are tied.

Trump is minimizing the Democrat urban vote by siphoning more non-white votes than ever away from Biden’s margins, all the while maximizing the rural vote, which normally doesn’t show up to the polls in huge numbers except when Trump is on the ballot. Trump is maximizing the rural vote for himself while minimizing the urban vote for Biden.

The issue of the economy is driving voters away from Biden and galvanizing them around Trump. The New York Post reported on energy prices which have soared 30% under Biden. That’s 13 times faster than the previous 7 years and 50% more than overall inflation. An MSNBC panel of undecided voters stunned the woke activists disguised as journalists at MSNBC. This panel shared what they thought of Biden’s economic policies:

To make matters worse for Biden, we’ve got recession alerts flashing. According to Business Insider, the economy is flashing a handful of warning signs that a recession could be on its way. The Sahm Rule is a famous recession indicator that flashes when the three-month moving average of the US unemployment rate climbs 50 basis points from a 12-month low. We are getting very close to the numbers that we were seeing before the 2001, 2008, and 2020 recessions. Business Insider is arguing that it is highly likely that we are going to be seeing a recession over the year, perhaps in the next six months. That is radically detrimental to Biden’s reelection prospects. No president has ever been successfully reelected if a recession has occurred anytime in the last two years of his term.

It couldn’t be getting worse for Bumblin’ Biden, and one commentator is making a very good argument that the rise of the rural vote, the defection of the black vote, and the crumbling economy, are creating a political realignment around Trump. There’s a great piece out today by JT Young for the Federalist, entitled: “Is Trump Rising A Realignment Wave?” And its bi-line reads: “Trump’s seemingly improbable rise as a political novice could be chalked up to the fracturing of the Democrat Party and a new political realignment.”

He argues that the radical left taking over the Democrat Party is essentially shattering the coalition that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama forged over the last several decades. We are seeing that fracturing with the rise of wokeness, which is splitting the Democrat Party basically in half. Wokeness is splitting the left and causing many former leftists like Naomi Wolf and RFK Jr to leave. We are also seeing more of a ‘civil war’ breaking out between pro-illegal immigrant big city mayors and their constituents, who are finding themselves increasingly alienated from social services in favor of these illegal migrants.

Trump is using a populist approach to capitalize on the radical left’s fracturing of the Democrat Party. He’s not requiring former Democrats to realign themselves on the other side of a horizontal divide. The historic political divide is level vs right. This year, Trump’s approach is to redefine that divide in an all-inclusive manner. Trump is shifting the divide from the horizontal to the vertical. It’s now the people vs the permanent political class. It’s the ruled vs the rulers, it’s the ordinary American vs the oligarchs.

This is making it incredibly easy for disaffected Democrats to jump ship. They don’t feel like they’re defecting to the other side. Instead, they feel like they’re joining with fellow citizens to push back against a corrupt and crooked political elite. We can all agree that our politicians are a bunch of corrupt crooks, and that’s the magic of Trump’s populist approach. This is galvanizing both white and non-white voters together like never before, and that’s why the polls are showing the results swinging decisively toward Trump!

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