Polls Predict Trump Landslide in November

Bumblin’ Biden has been taking incomprehensibility to new levels, claiming that a hostage who is still being held by Hamas was actually in the Rose Garden with them. He’s seeing dead people and he’s seeing hostages all around him! It’s one of the reasons why a veteran pollster is making a bold prediction for November; Trump is winning a key demographic that spells doom for the Democrats, and they know it!

– Trump is successfully appealing to both rural white voters and non-white voters, weakening Biden’s urban support base.

– Veteran pollster Frank Luntz noted Trump may receive up to a third of the black male vote under 40, a demographic that strongly supported Biden in 2020.

– Trump outperformed Biden in fundraising, raising $76 million compared to Biden’s $50 million in April.


Veteran pollster Frank Luntz on CNN was sounding the alarm that Trump is poised to get upwards of a third of the black male vote under the age of 40. A third of a vote that voted for Biden with 87% support back in 2020. Luntz is also pointing out that the latest New York Times poll has Trump beating Biden among Arab and Muslim voters in 5 key battleground states, and he’s not just beating him, he’s slaughtering him, 57 to 25. Biden won this demographic 56 to 35 in 2020.

That ratio has inverted, largely because of Biden’s angering Arab Americans over his blanket support of Israel in the Hamas conflict. Make no mistake: there are no words to even begin to describe how devastating these flips by black voters and Arab voters would be for the Democrats in November. Trump has been able to uniquely tap into a political sweet spot, galvanizing the rural white vote at the same time he’s getting record support from the non-white vote, Trump is minimizing the Democrat urban vote by siphoning more non-white votes than ever away from Biden’s margins, all the while maximizing the rural white vote.

The latest electoral map from 538, Nate Silver’s organization, shows that if we average out all of the polls that have been taken over the last several months, particularly in battleground states, Trump is crushing Biden with 312 electoral votes. This is 8 electoral votes more than what Trump got in 2016. We are looking at a base of at least 300 right now! George W Bush would have dreamed of having an electoral floor, an electoral minimum like that in either 2000 or 2004!

In addition, we have the latest Harvard/Harris poll that just dropped, Trump has opened up a six-point national lead over Biden. He’s now comfortably winning the popular vote. To make matters even worse for Biden, he’s getting crushed by Trump in fundraising. In April, Trump raised $76 million in comparison to Biden’s $50 million. Trump has been seeing fundraising gains every month as Biden has been seeing fundraising losses each month for the last few months.

It is obvious Trump is building momentum with each passing month! This is why liberals are sounding the alarm that Biden is losing. Whatever shenanigans Biden’s administration has planned for November, many Democrats are admitting that they may be nowhere near enough to overcome this kind of polling dominance. More liberal pundits are concluding that the problem is Joe Biden. There’s a very noticeable discrepancy between the astronomical support for Trump and the lack of support for the down-ticket Republican candidate.

More voters believe that Biden is too cognitively deficient to be president. His age and senility are the only things in this campaign that have no possibility of changing. This is what has Democrats up at night in a total panic. They know voters are not going to reelect a president they believe is not cognitively fit for the job. It’s no wonder we’re getting reports lately about an increasing number of vulnerable Democrats beginning to noticeably separate themselves from Biden.

The Hill just published a piece quoting a Democrat senator who wanted to remain anonymous that Democrats are seeing Biden as political kryptonite. Many of them are polling decently and they don’t want Biden’s collapsing poll numbers to infect their campaigns. This is no time to get complacent. The Democrats are already cheating and trying to steal an election through their weaponization of the legal system. They have the legacy media on the one hand and the Deep State on the other playing right along. This is just a foretaste of what they are going to try to pull off in November, so we have to do everything in our power to push back against those shenanigans.

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